Monday, December 9, 2013

25 Month Update

I like doing these updates, so I plan on continuing them for the foreseeable future- with a few changes. With Harry done teething and not visiting the doctor again for a while to get his height and weight, I'm just going to do some bullet points with different developments that happened over the last month.

  • Loves the moon. Points out crescent drawings of the moon as well as the real thing if we're outside past sundown.
  • Likes pretend play. Puts all his toys and even his drink to "night night" and will sometimes feed his stuffed animals.
  • Asks for his Planes cups a lot.
  • Loves to sing songs. His favorites are "What Does the Fox Say," "ABCs," "Twinkle Twinkle," and "Ba Ba Black Sheep."
  • Knows the entire alphabet- V seems to be the only one he gets stuck on. He "spells" out words he sees all the time. His favorite letter is W, which he adorably pronounces as "boy-you." Once he had a mini tantrum because he needed to see a W. Calmed down as soon as we found one in a book. He also figured out a W is an M upside down. I have a shirt that has a W on it and he'll point that out, then turn his head sideways and call it an M. I was really surprised he was able to make that distinction so early on in learning the letters!
  • We're starting to work on counting, too. He knows many of the numbers by site, but isn't quite sure of what they all mean. Earlier this week we were at Hobby Lobby and going down the Christmas ornament aisle where Harry kept pointing to the different ones and saying, "two, two, two, two, two." It was so funny!
  • As far as shapes go, he's got moon, star, heart and circle down. He'll find the teeny tiniest little stars and point them out. He might know square, too, but that one he's hit or miss with. 
  • He doesn't speak in sentences a whole lot, but is definitely starting to. One of the cutest things he's saying right now is "it's dark out there!" at night. He has to point to every available window and say it. Just so we really know it's dark out. 
  • The word "No" entered his vocabulary not too long ago. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it's his most used word. The other day I was reciting the ABCs and he said "no" after every letter until I hit W, when he excitedly shouted "yeah!" 
  • Pronunciations of certain words are becoming more clear. We helped him change the first two and he did the third all on his own. I keep trying to get him to change his pronunciation of airplanes (he calls them "pah-poos"), but he's being stubborn on that one.
    • Brobee (from Yo Gabba Gabba) went from "Be-bo" to "Boo-be"... at least it's closer ;)
    • Harry went from "He-ho" to "Hu-ey"
    • Pizza went from "Poppy" to "Pe-ha"
  • We're trying to teach him the difference between being mean and nice. He hits sometimes and is constantly pulling Ant's glasses off his face. Our efforts haven't seemed to have sunken in yet, but hopefully something will click soon!
  • I said last month that he was off the paci. Not quite. He used it maybe 3-4 times since then. So he's definitely close to dropping it for good. 
  • Funny story... the other night we were walking inside and there was a tall, older man with a beard in our hallway. As we walked by him Harry said "Santa, Santa." It took a lot of restraint for Ant and I not to bust out laughing right then and there. Fortunately the man didn't really notice us and Santa sounds like "tanta." 
Whew, that's a lot of stuff for just one month. Harry is in this awesome phase where he just wants to learn everything, it's so fun!

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