Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you all had a nice holiday! Our Thanksgiving was a lot different than last year's, which we just spent as a little family of three. We went over to my dad's house for dinner where they hosted well over 30 people. It was a little chaotic, but lots of fun, too.

Wednesday night Harry and I went over to help set up the tables with the place cards I made. My step mom came up with the design idea and I put them together with help from my trusty Cricut. I did them in three different colors and everyone thought they turned out really cute.

DSLR selfies before we left for the party.

Along with the place cards I made some stuffed mushroom appetizers. It was my first-ever attempt at stuffed 'shroomies, so I was a bit nervous that people wouldn't like them. I was very thankful to receive multiple compliments on them and both trays were gone by the end of the night.

Before we started the feast 9 year old Franco delivered the most heartfelt prayer. I was so impressed with his delivery and thoughtful words- I doubt I could ever come up with something so meaningful. We all gave him a big round of applause after he finished. Dinner was served buffet style and everything tasted so good! I wish I could have gone for seconds, but I was busy watching the little boy who insisted on standing in his chair and only ate a piece of bread and some applesauce we brought from home.

Despite not eating (I think he was just overwhelmed by everything going on) Harry had a blast and behaved really well. Franco and his younger brother were nice enough to play with him most of the night.

LOL at my brother in the background :)

We left a little before 8 o'clock and were able to get Harry down for his usual bedtime.

Ant had yesterday off and we bummed around until mid-afternoon when we went grocery shopping. Since we weren't really looking for any Black Friday deals we thought about waiting until tomorrow, but braved the crowds just to get our 20% off total purchase coupon (valid starting next week).

While shopping we found our Christmas ornaments for the year.

Our tradition is to get one new ornament each year, but as you can see, we went a little overboard. I actually bought the camera ornament a few weeks ago because it was too cute to pass up. Then yesterday I had a buy 3 get one free coupon, which is why we ended up with 4 more. Harry picked out the Abby and Elmo ornaments all by himself and in case you're wondering, the Duff Beer can is a thing from The Simpsons- one of Ant's favorite shows.

I was surprised to find that none of our ornaments (except for the Duff Beer one) have the year on them. When decorating the Christmas tree each year I love going through and seeing how long ago each ornament was purchased. I fixed our 2013 additions right up...


As for today, I hope I'm well enough for our plans! I started feeling kinda crummy yesterday morning, but we're hoping to take Harry to meet Santa this afternoon. I think we might try to put up our Christmas tree, too, and Ant was talking about meeting up with some coworkers at a bar after dinner.

Hope your weekend is off to a nice start!

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