Friday, November 1, 2013

First Time Trick-or-Treating

We had the best Halloween yesterday! Harry and I kicked off the celebrations bright and early with a breakfast date at IHOP. They were giving away free pancakes to kids. A pancake covered in whipped cream, cookies and candy corn. Sugar overload! Had I realized it was going to be so unhealthy I probably would have skipped it, but we had fun. And Harry reminded us all day he got to eat cookies for breakfast.

When Ant got home from work we got ready and headed over to my dad's for some trick-or-treating. We didn't take Harry last year so this was a first- aside from the little we did at the zoo Sunday.

It rained all afternoon but the weather started to cooperate just as we headed out the door. We even caught glimpse of a beautiful rainbow.

As far as trick-or-treating, Harry did great! I was expecting us to just hit up a few houses but we did a couple blocks. Harry was shy at first and only said "trick-or-treat" a few times but he really enjoyed walking around and picking out the candy. He managed to fill up half of his pumpkin, although a lot of it is grandpa's candy he sneaked into the bucket. My step-mom and sister also put together a cute little basket for Harry, which was so sweet.

After we got back to my dad's we hung out for a bit and Harry helped pass out candy to all the kids that stopped by. Harry loves their dog, Caesar, but last night Caesar was especially jealous of our little Prince. Harry was trying to sit in a chair and that didn't fly with the dog. It was pretty funny.

The three of us headed home about 7 o'clock and had a late hodge podge dinner. I wish I had taken a few more pictures but we were having too much fun and my camera stayed in my pocket most of the night.

Happy November 1st!

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