Monday, November 25, 2013

Clothes Swap

Friday night the boys and I took a bunch of stuff down to Once Upon a Child to sell. They didn't take much, but we made abut $30 that we put towards some new stuff for Harry.

Used shoes kind of weird me out, but the snow boots we got for Harry still have the original tag on. And I'm so happy we found those jeans. They're Old Navy, size 18-24 months, and are one of 2 pairs that currently fit his skinny mini frame. Yay! They're a tad loose, but as that's a theme with all his pants, we taught him to pull them up if they're falling down.

The little paper pad is a paint with water thing I thought would be fun. Since our dining room is carpeted (one of my major gripes about our condo) I've been hesitant to show him how to paint so this was the perfect alternative. We played with it Saturday night. Harry thought it was fun for about 5 minutes :).

I think the finished masterpiece turned out great!

Yesterday morning I met up with some girlfriends for brunch. We had a fun time catching up but when I got home I had a horrible headache so I took a nap while the boys watched football. 

Happy Monday- which is kind of like Wednesday this week with Thanksgiving :)

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