Monday, November 11, 2013

Birthday Fun

Even though we didn't have a big party, Harry's second birthday was still a lot of fun! He got to do lots of celebrating and got a bunch of awesome gifts.

On Thursday, his actual birthday, we took him to Funflatables, a play place in the mall that is filled with different bouncy castles. Harry loves to jump so this was the perfect outlet for him. We had the entire facility to ourselves for over a half hour, which was great. The birthday boy had a great time bouncing everywhere and going down all the slides.

When we got home we opened presents. He was a lot more interested in it than last year and had a lot of fun ripping off the Sesame Street paper off his gifts.

Spot Pearl- our cat!

Harry has had fun playing with all his gifts, but I think his favorite so far is his brand new laptop. Hopefully it will work as a nice distraction from trying to play with our computers all the time. 

For dinner I ordered from Pilot Pete's, one of our favorite local restaurants. Ant and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals, but Harry only ate a few bites of his grilled cheese and refused to eat his mashed potatoes. He's definitely going through the refuse-to-eat-anything phase. 

Usually after refusing his meal I wouldn't allow him to have a dessert, but we obviously made an exception so he could have his birthday cake. I'm no cake decorator, but I attempted what I thought was an easy design, Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Not the best execution, but Harry immediately recognized the cake to be Muno, which made me feel better about how it turned out. I actually made it through singing Happy Birthday without crying this year and he was pretty mesmerized by his candle. And didn't quite get the concept of blowing out the flame, so Daddy stepped in to help. 

Saturday we celebrated again with my dad and grandma. We all went out to dinner (where Harry ate exactly 2 cherry tomatoes, 1 green bean, half a bread stick and a bite of pizza) and Harry got to open another round of presents. My grandma put together a neat family tree for Harry and I learned that we're related to 3 men who served in the Revolutionary War- how cool! I didn't take any pictures but we all had a lovely time. 

He'll get to celebrate one last time next month when we go to the Yo Gabba Gabba concert, I am so excited for it!


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