Friday, November 8, 2013

24 Month Update

I'm still in disbelief that we have a 2 year old living with us! 


Weight: Probably around 25 pounds. His next doctor's appointment is Monday so we'll get an official number then. 

Height: Best guess is about 36 inches.

Diaper Size: 5s. In just the past few days he's started saying "poop" right before he goes, so that's awesome and a great step towards potty training I think. He got a potty seat for his birthday so we'll be trying it out soon!

Clothing Size: Still in the awkward too tall and too skinny phase. I thought all the Halloween candy would bulk him up a bit! 

Eating:  Pretzels, pretzels, pretzels! He can't get enough of them. I really wish Annie's made just pretzels, but I've only ever seen them in the party mix, so we usually buy Goldfish pretzels. And I almost don't want to write this for fear of jinxing it, but he loves raw broccoli! I snack on it sometimes and offered some with a little ranch dip and he couldn't get enough. He'll eat it without the dip, too. 

Sleeping: He's been such a snuggler while sleeping lately, I love it! I guess I could say I'd like to get him back in his own bed by his next birthday, but I'm really going to let him take the lead. Oh, and I think we're totally off the paci! He was getting one just at nap time for a few months and in the last couple weeks I stopped offering it. He's asked for it a few times but hasn't gotten upset when I tell him no. 

Teeth: Still 20. Should stay that way until he starts loosing his baby teeth in a few years.

Communication: He does a great job of stringing ideas together, but doesn't really speak sentences yet. Like he'll say "" on our way to our library class. 

He also had an awesome memory. I doubt he's made his first real memory that he'll remember when he's older, but he makes sure we follow through on everything we say. And whenever I mention Grandpa he yells out "doggy" and "kitty cat." Last time we were over there he got to watch some Yo Gabba Gabba so he now talks about in relation to Grandpa. 

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