Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Stuff

This past weekend went by entirely too fast. And yesterday seemed to draaag. It's Wednesday, right? I wish.

We skipped our usual Friday trip to Target in favor of hitting up some Halloween stores to find one last thing I needed for Harry's costume. After finding what we needed at the second store we went to Smash Burger for dinner. OMG you guys, I'm obsessed. That place is so freaking good! Plus, we earned cash back on our meal through my Ibotta app, score! One of the workers was handing out samples of their milkshakes while we were there, too. It took a lot of willpower not to order a full raspberry sorbet milkshake because that thing was divine! 

On Saturday afternoon we hopped in the car, ran a few errands before meeting up with friends at Yu Kids Island in Schaumburg. 

The play place got super crowded and a few older kids were pretty aggressive, but our kids had fun running around. After a couple hours of unabashed playtime we strolled through the mall for a bit. Our stroller was in the car so we were "those parents" and rented one. Harry loved it!

He stayed in his little car the entire time we walked around and had fun pretending to steer with the little steering wheel. At dinnertime we all drove over to Bahama Breeze and enjoyed their delicious food. The two toddlers sat next to each other and it was cute watching them try to interact. When it was time to go they hugged and high fived... so adorable! 

We finally hit up Target Sunday morning and I spent most of the afternoon working on some freelance stuff. 

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