Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Two Zoos

Last Thursday we took a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo and on Sunday we met up with friends for "Boo at the Zoo" at the Brookfield Zoo. Both were lots of fun!

Lincoln Park Zoo
While Brookfield might be the "better" of the two zoos in the area, LPZ is still pretty awesome. The free zoo has a lot to offer and the architecture of some of the buildings just can't be beat. The whole place is like a time warp in the most amazing way. 

We had anticipated the weather being a little warmer the day we visited, but it was cold and blustery so we booked it over to the gift shop as soon as we parked to buy a blanket and gloves. Once we were all properly bundled up we walked through the exhibits. 

The coolest thing we saw were the gorillas. While we were watching two of them got in a big fight and were running all around their enclosure. The fight only lasted a minute or so and neither of them got hurt. The zoo has a small working farm, which was Harry's favorite exhibit. For whatever reason he loved the cows and got upset when we left their barn to look at the other animals. He also enjoyed watching the beavers and seal/sea lion. 

After we'd had enough of the zoo we walked down the street to The Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. for dinner. It was our first time eating at the restaurant, but we got one of their pizza pot pies to go a few years ago. The pot pies were a bit different than we remembered, but absolutely delicious! 

It took us for-freaking-ever to get home in the rush hour traffic, and we all pretty much crashed the minute we walked through the door. 

Brookfield Zoo
Sunday morning we drove out to Brookfield Zoo for some Halloween fun with friends. This was also the first time Harry got to wear his costume, Prince Harry! 

Crazy green screen picture we got at the zoo

Yes, I went there this year :). More on his costume to come on Thursday. Ant and I didn't really dress up, but we both wore crowns, which was fun. I want to wear my tiara every day!

As an events manager years ago I worked at Boo at the Zoo and remember there were tons of trick-or-treating booths for the kids. This year the "tee tee tee" part of the zoo, as Harry calls it, was really scaled down. There were still a few booths set up and Harry had fun collecting the treats. 

The funnest part of the trip was trying to get all the toddlers in a picture. Here's the best one.

Jessie from Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, the Big Bad Wolf and Prince Harry

We thought it might be easier to get a picture with all of them looking at the camera if we put them in a big cardboard box...

Haha, not quite! We left a little early because Ant had to do his old overnight shift starting Monday morning and needed to get to sleep. 

I think we might get a membership to Brookfield Zoo. Probably not until the first of the year, but it's something we're thinking about. The past 6 months alone we've spent over $100 on admission and parking at the zoo, which is more expensive than a yearly membership. Plus, Harry just loves the zoo so it would be wonderful to go as often as we like!

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