Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Changing Table + Craft Distractions

Here's the earliest picture I have of Harry on his changing table. He was exactly a week old and had just come home from the NICU.

So teeny tiny! We didn't have many newborn size clothes so everything was so big on him.

To compare, here he is on the table just the other night.

At just a few weeks shy of his second birthday, Harry's officially as long as the changing table.

We're probably some of the only parents of a nearly-two year old who still uses a changing table, but it still works for us. Harry's always liked it and I know I'd rather change his diaper up there than on the floor. Obviously we don't have to stop using the table now but I'm guessing we've got about 6 months at most before we're doing changes on the floor (assuming he isn't potty trained by then, which I don't think will happen).

I also have a little tip we stumbled across recently... distraction crafting!! The other day we were at Walmart and I picked up a little pack of cute foam owls from the Halloween section. They're super easy to put together and Harry has a lot of fun with them. So anytime he's cranky or getting into something he isn't supposed to, we've pulled out the box and made an owl (the box came with enough supplies to make 24 and was only $3.97).

I hung them where he can see them while eating in his high chair. So now he points at them instead of eats :). They also had a turkey pack so I plan on getting those when we finish up the owls.

If you're interested in doing something similar with your toddler and can't find these, you can find regular shape foam stickers at any craft store.

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  1. It is amazing to see how much they change isn't it! I might have to try Dylan on the changing table now and see how he fits! I love the owls idea too, brilliant


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