Friday, October 25, 2013

Legoland's Toddler Tuesday

Hi everyone! Long time no chat! For sanity's sake, I took a blog break the past 7 days. Even on days I don't publish a post I usually do something blog related, but I haven't logged on much the past week. I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately with everything I need to do so I put TAW on the back burner. I hate the constant feeling of needing 30 hours in a day, but I'm feeling a little better now so I thought I'd write about our trip to Legoland Tuesday. Ant has this week off so we've been trying to do some fun family activities as well, so we haven't been home much.

Before we hit up Legoland, GM was kind enough to drop off a brand new 2014 Buick Lacrosse for us to test drive this week. I loved test driving the Chevy Equinox in the spring and was so excited they offered to give us another car. I've been driving an SUV for a while now so switching back to a sedan was a little weird. But, so far so good! The car drives really smooth and all the bells and whistles are fun to play with.

After installing Harry's car seat in the Lacrosse we drove up to Schaumburg for Toddler Tuesday at Legoland Discovery Center. We've been talking about taking a trip up there since before Harry was even born, and when we found out about Toddler Tuesdays we knew we just had to go.

Legoland is open for toddler playtime from 10am-noon on Tuesdays this fall. Admission was $7 each, and kids 2 and under are free. If you live in the area, check it out, we had a blast!

Obviously we weren't sure what to expect, but taking Harry on Tuesday was perfect. We got there about 10:15am and for the first hour it was pretty uncrowded, there were maybe 30 toddlers running around. With the discounted admission we didn't have access to the entire facility, but the area we did get to play in was fine.

There were plenty of Lego tables set up, a big jungle gym, a room with giant, foam Lego blocks, and a few ramps to race Lego cars down. They also played a short 4D movie for all the toddlers in their little theater. This was Harry's first time in a movie theater, and he did about as well as could be expected. He only kept the 3D glasses on for a few minutes, and the movie kept his attention for just a little longer. Had it been a regular movie he probably would have been more interested, but oh well.

We usually have library class on Tuesdays, but we're in between sessions right now. Next time we have a break I think we'll be going back to Legoland!

One more thing... the winner of last week's Mother's Therapy Organics giveaway!

Congrats, Angel! I'll email you soon :).

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