Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Goebbert's 2013

Monday afternoon we drove out to Goebbert's Farm for some fall fun. Harry was excited all day for Ant to get home, he kept saying "pumpkin pumpkin."

The weather was beautiful, but the sun was so bright so most of my pictures didn't turn out great. But the memories are what's most important, right?

This was our second year going to Goebbert's (see last year's post here), and with Harry being the curious toddler he is, we had even more fun this time around. We brought in our stroller, which was pointless. Harry stayed in it for maybe 5 minutes before deciding we weren't pushing him around fast enough.

Trying to get a cute picture of Harry with the pumpkins proved difficult this year. He kept trying to pick up the pumpkins and wasn't interested in putting his new cheesy skills to work.

We decided on picking smaller pumpkins this year and selected 3 pumpkins from the "pie pumpkin" patch. After buying our pumpkins we put them in our car and headed over to the Animal Land, something we didn't do last year.

I had no clue Goebbert's had such a variety of wild animals. I remember the giraffes from last year, but they also have monkeys, tigers, bears, ostriches, zebras and more.

Harry's reaction to a giant pig, LOL!
After seeing all the animals Harry ran around the Play Yard. Definitely the highlight of the trip for him, he had a blast!

A lot of the activities in the Play Yard are geared towards older kids, but we had fun playing with the firetruck, slides and the mini haystack maze. And lots of running around the field.

Yesterday we decorated our pumpkins and they all turned out so cute! I'm going to try and post them tomorrow, so stay tuned.


  1. What great pictures! (Love the reaction to the pig:) ) That looks like a great place for the family. Happy Fall.

  2. wow! that looks fun! we're headed to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!


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