Tuesday, October 8, 2013

23 Month Update

Harry's 2nd birthday is less than a month away... WHA??!?!?!?!


Weight: If he hasn't passed 25 pounds yet, he will soon I'm sure.

Height: He seems a lot taller this month, so I'm guessing right around 36 inches, a full 3 feet!

Diaper Size: Size 5. As we near his 2nd birthday I'm sure I'll start to get asked potty training questions. I'm really in no hurry to work on it. We don't even have a potty for him, though I'd like to get one soon. I love this one- I know he'd get excited about sitting on it. 

Clothing Size: We're in an awkward phase as far as sizes go. He's tall, so all his 18 month pants that fit him in the spring are too short, yet the 24 month/2T ones we have are way too loose around the waist. As far as shoes go, his flip flops barely fit, and we got him 2 new pairs of shoes for the fall/winter- size 6 and 7.

Eating:  Harry's been an alright eater this month. He's loving grapes at the moment. And macaroni and cheese. We've been getting the Annie's brand and I usually add some corn or green beans. A typical schedule:

     Breakfast: 8-9am. Either eggs, pancakes or a breakfast bar with fruit.
     Lunch: 11a-12p. Always yogurt or smoothie with a fruit or veggie and crackers or a sandwich.
     Snack: 1-3pm. Usually cheese with applesauce, fruit or crackers.
     Dinner: 5-7pm. Whatever I make.

Sometimes he'll get hungry at other times so I'll put a few crackers, Craisins, or freeze dried fruit in a snack cup for him.

Sleeping: Still cosleeping- no surprise there. Bedtime this month has been a little later, usually between 8:30-9pm. He's up for the day between 7-9am, but we usually hang out in bed for a bit before getting up. He only missed one nap this past month, but a few lately have been really short.

Teeth: 20!!!!!! Yep, he is D.O.N.E. with teething! All 4 second year molars popped up just after the last update. So glad we don't have to deal with that anymore :). 

Communication: Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! All day, every day. Still mostly nouns, and not really stringing two words together on his own. He does good saying multi-word phrases if we've specifically taught them to him, though (I love you, I don't know, on Tuesday, etc). 

We've also started teaching colors, which has been fun. He knows the words for all of them, but doesn't always get the color right when we ask him what color something is. The best tool for teaching colors have been his foam letter and numbers he plays with during bath time. Our set has all the rainbow colors, which is what we're focusing on now.

A couple other developmental things...

- Harry is super OCD about some things. He hates when cabinets and drawers aren't closed and when chairs aren't pushed in. He won't put just throw a cluster of Legos in his bin when playtime is done- he has to pull them all apart first. And when he gives me an Eskimo kiss he has to give one to Ant too before doing anything else. I think a lot of toddlers do similar things so I'm not worried. 

- He jumps now! He gets both feet an inch off the ground every few attempts, it's so cute.

- He's started to love books again. Right around his first birthday he was loving his bedtime story but as he got older he became restless and wouldn't sit still for them. Now, he loves them and will sit sill through an entire (short) book, and asks us to read them over and over.

- He throws everything. This is one new development we're not thrilled about. He's got a pretty good arm and nearly broke Ant's glasses last week. We've tried time outs when he throws things but I'm not sure it's really sinking in with him. Any tips on how to get him to stop would be appreciated


  1. So adorable! Jeez, I feel like my kid is a tank compared to yours! Vincent is like 35 pounds but the same height and he's wearing 3T shirts and 2T/3T pants...LOL! Sounds like Harry is doing awesome with everything. We also love those tubby letters and numbers here. :) Also, we got Vincent a potty seat that looks exactly like that but it's Mickey and he's asked to sit on a few times so far (hasn't done anything) so I bet as soon as Harry sees it, he'll want to try it! I love the OCD thing, you seem pretty organized so maybe he is just like you? Remind me what kind of camera you got...your pics are great and we're looking for a new one. Are you still using the lightscoop thing?

  2. Ya, he's such a skinny mini, I'm jealous!
    I have a Canon T3i, it's been great! You can get them pretty reasonably priced now since there is also a T4i and T5i out- not sure of the differences between the 3. I never take my Lightscoop off, love it so much! Well, unless I'm outdoors, then it's useless :)


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