Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Not Even Fall

... But the cold season has officially started in our house. Little boy was coughing all Friday night and in to Saturday and had one leaky faucet of a nose. The cough was so violent Saturday afternoon it caused him to throw up during nap time. Guessing he picked it up when we got his haircut or at his library class last week. His temperature was a little elevated as well, but nothing like what it was last month.

We had plans on attending the Glendale Heights Oktoberfest, but obviously that didn't happen- hopefully next weekend. Harry seems better today and I'm praying I don't get the bug, too.

Here's a silly picture from breakfast last week.

Yesterday we set up my new "blogging station." Which is really just a desk in our dining room to replace the printer stand. It was raining all day so the printer stand was in the middle of the room for a while. Harry had fun playing in it. Every time we opened the door he would close it again. I didn't realize sitting in the dark was so much fun!

Like how we baby proofed the bookshelf?

I'll post a picture of my new desk when I have it all set up.

Have a great, hopefully sickness-free week!

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