Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 Emmy Fashions

Quick post this morning with a few of my favorite and least favorite looks from last night's Emmy Awards.

Best Dressed

Anna Gunn

I think this was my favorite look of the night, Anna looked amazing! And she won Best Actress for Breaking Bad so it was definitely her night.

Aubrey Plaza

I'm guessing this won't end up on too many other best dressed lists, but I love it. I love sheer over opaque fabric look and the jewels around her neck add a bit of fun to an otherwise Gothic look. Only thing I'd change would be to make her sleeves an inch or two longer.

Julianne Hough

This probably wasn't the most appropriate dress to wear to the Emmy's- would have been more suited for the Grammy's or MTV Awards- but I still think it's beautiful. Love the seafoam color and the flowy, sparkly skirt. 

Worst Dressed

Zosia Mamet 

Zosia is one of the prettiest actresses on TV right now, but unfortunately her dress last night was anything but! The weird leather bra part totally throws the whole thing off. If that was left off she might have made my best dressed list- I really like the print on the skirt.

Linda Cardellini


Linda, take note: whoever told you that huge ruffles on the front of your dress looks good is not your friend. Seriously, they look so awkward. And did anyone else notice how every other actress had this exact hair style? It was just weird. 

Who were your Best and Worst dressed last night?


  1. I didn't watch but that Aubrey Plaza chick looks like you, or vice versa!

  2. I've not heard that one before, but thanks! :)


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