Friday, August 9, 2013

Welcome Weekend

Happy Friday! I love weeks that go by fast, like this one!

A cute picture from earlier this week.

I was trying to get a picture of his bed for an upcoming post and he was being such a goof, I couldn't resist snapping a few extra.

I won a Sprinkles gift certificate a while back and on Monday Ant stopped by after work and picked up a half dozen cupcakes.

Delicious! I think the black & white cupcake might have edged out the red velvet for my favorite. But they're all so good :)

Yesterday Harry and I met up with a friend and her three year-old niece at Brookfield Zoo. We had such a lovely time! It was nice to catch up and the kids  loved the animals. Harry's favorites were the seals, wolves and polar bears.

Nothing exciting planned for today, but I think we're going to try and have a "family fun day" tomorrow.

Also, a little blog maintenance... I've disabled comments from anonymous readers. I've gotten a few legitimate anonymous comments from readers in the past but lately I've been hit with dozens of spam comments a day. They don't make it on to the blog but they are clogging up my inbox and I'm sick of it.


  1. Hope my last comment about your lovely young son was among those disabled! I've been a GFC follower of yours for sometime, but alas, malignant computers have intervened - as well as other Etsy activities.

    Hope you'll allow this one through, as I'd love to keep up with Henry's development!


  2. Oops - that should have read "wasn't" among the comments disabled! Fingers ran away with me!

    Best of luck. Isobel

  3. Love your comments Isobel :-)
    The troublesome ones are pretty obvious to spot, horrible English, crazy links to foreign websites, etc. No thank you!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Yay! You used the gift card! I love Sprinkles. I need to make a trip there this weekend! Enjoy your cuppies. :)


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