Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Toddler Proof Your Fans

I've had this post on the back burner for a while and wanted to get it out while the weather is still hot.

Our condo doesn't have central AC so our bedrooms get very hot. To keep us cool we use pedestal or floor fans. Which, lucky for us, are very interesting to toddlers and have perfect sized slots for little fingers to touch those cool, rotating blades.

Because we really don't have any other option other than fans to keep us cool I had to figure out something that would keep Harry safe. I came up with something pretty ingenious if I do say so myself and wanted to share in case any other parents out there are having a similar issue.

For this project you only need 2 things:
  • 1 yard of wide tulle (the same type of fabric wedding veils are made of- I bought the 108'' wide kind at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Something to secure the tulle to the fan- ribbon, string, or even duck tape would work
I used the 108'' wide to make sure the entire fan would be covered. The next smallest size I saw at the store, 54'', wouldn't have been wide enough. 

To cover, just wrap the fabric around the fan like a lollipop. I tied the tulle to the back handle so it's not completely covered there, but I keep the fan up against the wall so that hasn't been an issue. If your fan doesn't have a handle you can just drape it around the motor. When securing the tulle with the ribbon/string/tape just make sure you don't pull too hard so that the fabric moves.

It's pretty straight forward, but please let me know if you have any questions. I've had these covers on our fans for a couple months and they're still working great. The first couple days Harry played with the fan and tried to stick his fingers inside, but of course that didn't work. He's pretty much left them alone ever since.

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