Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Toddler Bed Transition

Okay, finally, I'm going to type up this post. I've mentioned in previous entries, but in case you forgot...

With Ant starting his new work schedule in July we thought it would be best to transition Harry back to his own bed. We knew trying to put him back in the crib wouldn't work, so I change the crib to a toddler bed. I even bought Harry an adorable chevron pillow case (my first Etsy purchase, believe it or not) to make it more of a "big boy" bed. 

To get Harry ready for the transition I blocked off the crib for a few weeks. Since he started cosleeping we would still put him in the crib on occasion. It was the perfect spot during the day when I had to use the bathroom or put laundry away. While he hated the crib at night he was fine for a short period during the day- as long as he had a few toys to keep him occupied. We blocked it off so when he was in the toddler bed it'd be a totally new experience for him.

The first night of the transition went a lot smoother than I anticipated. He's used to falling asleep with Ant so I stayed next to him while he fell asleep. After about 10 minutes he realized he wasn't going to sleep in the other room and started to cry. It didn't last long but he kept trying to get out of bed. It took him an hour and a half to fall asleep, but he did it!

He woke up that night a few hours later and refused to go back to sleep in his bed, so I put him in ours. Baby steps. 

The following 4 weeks were similar. It took him at least 45 minutes to fall asleep and he would always wake up expecting to sleep in the big bed. He did manage to sleep all night in his bed 3 times. One night around 2am he came in to our bedroom and I pulled him on to the bed. I jokingly said that he should go back to his own bed. Well, he didn't think that was a joke and rushed back to his room and slept there for the remainder of the night, haha! I tried that trick again and it didn't work. 

When Ant switched to his new schedule Harry would wake up right along with Ant. He must have been able to hear the alarm go off.

So, after 4 weeks we decided to give up the toddler bed.

It just clearly wasn't working. I feel bad pushing it on him when he wasn't ready, but I honestly thought it would be for the best. You live and learn, right? We're a little cramped in the bed, but it's not too bad. And surprisingly, Harry sleeps through the early morning alarm most days. No idea when Harry will start sleeping in his own bed for real, but I'm not going to push it. He likes sleeping with us and we like having him. 

I doubt he'll be in our bed when he starts kindergarten, but if he is, that's fine too. 

  • Anyone else cosleep with their toddlers? 
  • If they're older, did they decide to move to their bed on their own?


  1. OMG. That last picture is ADORABLE!! He's such a looker. :) I really can't help with the situation as my husband was not comfortable having the kids sleep in bed with us. (He's a very deep sleeper.) My advice would be that if it works for everyone, and you're all happy and fine with it, just let it be. And it looks like you went that route anyway. Thanks for taking my advice. Ha!

    1. Thanks, Alycia! I hope you and your kiddos are doing well, can't believe our boys are nearly 2!

  2. I only cosleep with my babies when they were newborns and I was in survival mode, at about 4 months they went into their own room in their crib. Jack didn't start sleeping in a toddler bed until he climbed out of his crib right before he turned 3. I put a gate on his doorway so he wouldn't roam the house at night, lol... and I usually sat in the hallway reading a book until he fell asleep. It took a lot of patience and time.

    I'm a firm believer in whatever works best for you, do it. We started potty training too soon with Jack, and gave up and came back to it a few months later and he was ready... and all kids are different.

    Sometimes I do wish we co-slept with the kiddos, they're only young once! But honestly, we'd have to get a much bigger bed! Jack does come in occasionally in the morning and snuggles in with us for an hour or so.

    1. Thanks for saying you sat out in the hallway, I have a feeling I will have to do the same thing when the time comes!

  3. I happened to find your blog from a different blog I follow... I have already fallen in love with your blog too, so forgive me for popping in for a quick hello and comment!

    I have a little one who is almost 3 who has been in our bed since he was born. We tried moving him into his own bed when he turned 2, and he hated it!! Absolutely hated it! However, over the last few months he has had a few nights where he decided to go in his room and play in the evening... and when he got tired he just crawled in to bed himself... so that's kinda the route we're taking right now. We're just letting him decide for himself.

    However, I also have a 10 month old who transitioned to a playpen in our room when he was about 5 months. He preferred sleeping with his whole body on our pillow, around our head... and we were obviously a bit nervous about this... so we started putting him to bed in his playpen, but still in our room. This has worked like a charm for us.

    I'm one of those parents who just go with their kiddo. Each one is unique. They're only young once... there will come a day when they're ready to do absolutely everything on their own... I want to soak up all the extra cuddles I can, while I can. You've just go to follow what you think is best for you and yours. =)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Cassie!

      Your comment really resonated with me. Harry sometimes will crawl into his bed at night. I'll turn off the lights and leave the room when he does. He only ever lasts a few minutes, but I'm really encouraging his choice in where to sleep.

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