Monday, August 5, 2013

Taste of Roselle 2013

While it was Ant's second weekend on the new schedule, this was the first we really took advantage of it. It's so nice to be able to do things like "normal" people now! Whenever we did things on a weekend before he'd have to plan out his sleep schedule and he was always running on fumes whenever we did stuff during the day.

Saturday we ran a couple errands and then made our way to the splash pad (we didn't end up going Friday). The one in Roselle was crazy crowded so we headed up to the one near my dad's house, where there were just a few other little kids playing.

We hung out there for an hour before heading back for an early dinner at the Taste of Roselle, our favorite local festival. 

We walked through the fest and grabbed the first picnic table we could find. Ant then went and got us dinner, a quesadilla for me and Harry and a boring slice of pizza for him.

After we finished we walked through the craft fair and then took a seat in the bingo tent. This was our third year at the Taste of Roselle and we have never won at bingo. We were confident one of us would hit the jackpot this year, but after 4 rounds neither of us won. Darn!

Before leaving we grabbed dessert, Dippin' Dots for me and gelato for Ant. And a few bites of each for Harry.

And yesterday Harry and I met up with my dad at Costco. He put me on his account. Yay! Our Sam's Club membership is about to expire so now we don't have to pay to renew it, double yay! I like Costco better anyway, so I'm excited to start going.

Have a nice week :)

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