Monday, August 12, 2013

Emergency Room: Round Two

Well, as evident by the title of this blog post, we didn't have the fun day on Saturday that we had originally planned. We had intentions of going to a fun Touch a Truck event up in South Barrington.

Around 2:45am Saturday morning Harry threw up. We took his temperature, which registered about 99 degrees. Since it wasn't over 100 we held off giving him any Tylenol in case it would upset his stomach more. After we changed his jammies and the sheets he fell right back asleep.

In the morning his temperature was over 100 so we gave him some medicine along with a bland breakfast. At lunchtime his fever was nonexistent so I thought it would be okay to have a regular lunch- I think he ate some yogurt, crackers and blueberries.

After an afternoon nap Harry wanted a snack so we gave him some apple slices. Bad idea. He promptly threw them all up, and his temperature was up again, 101.3. We debated about what to do for a few minutes and decided to call our pediatrician. While Ant was trying to get the nurse on the phone I took his temperature again, it was over 102. At that point I told him to hang up the phone and that we should just go to the emergency room. His temperature was rising rapidly and I won't lie, I was so scared for my baby.

The children's ER is about 20 minutes away, when we got there his temperature was over 103. He was immediately administered some Motrin and after an exam by the doctor, it was concluded that he had some type of virus. Which I figured was probably the problem. I'm glad we went though because that dramatic rise in temperature was really scary.

Feelin' much better after the Motrin kicked in

He was given a prescription for an anti-nausea medicine and we were on our way after an hour and a half or so.

He woke up again around 2:30am Sunday morning with a temperature of 102. No vomiting though. Gave him some Tylenol and was back asleep in no time. Woke up before 9am, still with fever.

Sunday was interesting. Harry took 3 separate naps! I don't think he even did that when he was a newborn! Obviously this virus took a lot out of him. He also had an hour long scream fest in the morning. We tried everything to calm him down- food, toys, TV, taking off his clothes (thought he might be too hot). Ant thought of giving him a bath, which he usually enjoys. As soon as he got in he wouldn't sit down and was crying for some berries. So we took him out and reluctantly got him a bowl of blueberries (with him throwing up we were sticking with the BRAT diet), which of course he didn't eat and just kept screaming.

I then put him in my mei tai carrier, which fortunately did the trick. After that he was in a pretty good mood all day, but this fever was persistent! I checked his temperature after he went to bed last night and it was finally back to normal.

Let's hope it stays that way and that he's on the mend!


  1. We're at Monday here in the UK, so ahead of you by some hours. Hope the invalid is responding to treatment and that the virus is being sent packing.

    Frightening things are viruses - especially with little ones. Well done doing what you did.

    Thinking of you - hope all goes well.


  2. Wow. What a bummer but I'm glad he seems to be getting better. My babies have always run high fever; 103+ is not uncommon but not any less scary! Feel better soon, Harry!

  3. Aww, poor Harry! Sounds like quite a rough weekend. I'm glad he's feeling better. :)


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