Thursday, August 8, 2013

21 Month Update

Harry's officially 1 and three quarters years old. 


He's really slouchy in this picture, he didn't shrink :)

Weight: Probably about 25 pounds? He feels a little heavier as of late. 

Height: Right around 35 inches I'd guess. Nearly 3 feet tall!

Diaper Size: Size 5s. He's pretty consistent with letting us know when he's done #2. If we don't acknowledge it right away he get's frustrated and will yell "diaper diaper diaper!" until we take care of the situation. 

Clothing Size: 18 months to 2T. Size 5 shoes are tight but wearable. 

Eating:  He's being picky again, it seems to switch every month. He's been really into crackers lately. We've been getting the Annie's party mix, the pretzels are his favorite. He's also been finicky with water, he doesn't like it out of sippy cups any more and constantly asks for milk. He does enjoy drinking out of water bottles though. We have those little mini ones and he is pretty good drinking out of those all by himself.

Sleeping: I still need to do the post about our transition to the toddler bed. I won't say too much here. Naps are becoming a thing of the past I feel. Was not thinking that was going to happen so soon. He naps every other day or so, and they're about a half hour long. Car rides in the afternoon always zonk him out though. 

Teeth: 16 still. I took a quick peek in his mouth while brushing his teeth the other day and it doesn't look like the last 4 will be making their appearance anytime soon.

Communication: Harry's "matured" a lot this past month. By that I mean he's really starting to think for himself. I've noticed he doesn't talk as much now, but I think that's mostly because he doesn't say words when I ask him to anymore.

Some cute things he does:

  • Yells "be-ball!" whenever he sees baseball on TV. This was Ant's proudest moment- it's his favorite sport so of course he wants his son to love it too. 
  • Says "bye bye" and waves anytime we open the door. 
  • Brings me my tablet and requests that I turn on "Gaga" (Yo Gabba Gabba) or "Mel-mo" (Elmo). 
  • Picks up a spray bottle and calls for "Pow" (Pearl, our cat). We spray her on occasion if she gets up on the furniture. 
  • When we tell him "We don't throw things/we don't hit/we don't..." Harry will proudly yell "I do!" Cute, but not something we should be encouraging, obviously. 
  • Last Saturday the three of us were leaving and I asked Ant if he put a water bottle in my diaper bag. He had, but Harry turned around and darted towards the dining room. We both yelled for him to come back, which he did, with a sippy cup in hand, haha! And he insisted in putting it in my bag. It was so adorable :)

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  1. Congratulations to everyone concerned at reaching this important milestone! Good luck for the on-going trip!

    (Great to read that Harry is quite "normal" - although, obviously not to you and Ant!



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