Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yolk for Lunch

Yesterday Harry and I took the noon train down to Chicago. It's been nearly a year since his first Metra ride and I knew he'd love it. We live super close to the train station so we hear all the trains going by. Every time Harry hears one blow it's horn he stops whatever he's doing and exclaims, "Choo choo! Choo choo!"

I was a bit nervous taking him by myself with his new found love of temper tantrums. But he was perfect the whole ride! I kept him in my mei tai carrier and he never once tried to wiggle his way out. He was fascinated by everything whizzing by and even took a short nap.

We got to the train station a little before 1 o'clock and Ant met us there a few minutes later. The three of us then hopped on a bus to the South Loop and found our way to Yolk, a breakfast and lunch cafe.

(I forgot my camera so all photos are from my phone)


I ordered a skillet with turkey sausage, mushrooms and broccoli. It was huge and came with a side of pancakes, oy! Ant got an egg sandwich and we ordered Harry some eggs and fruit. He also helped himself to some of Ant's hash browns and and my pancakes.

Over all our meal was really yummy. I wish the broccoli in my skillet had been cooked a little longer though. I love raw broccoli, but only in a crudité. There was a woman eating alone at a table next to ours who kept Harry entertained the whole meal, it was adorable! He kept flirting with her and she was kind enough to play along. He also got a Yolk silly band that he wore all day.

After we finished we walked over to Ant's office. His company moved to a new building a couple months ago and I hadn't seen the new space yet. It was a bit of a hike, but it was the perfect day for it. Breezy and cool! As soon as we got inside Harry took off running like he owned the place, it was pretty cute. He also had a blast "typing" at the computer.

Once we were done we headed to the car and drove home. Not the most exciting trip into the Big City, but it was a nice one none the less, and shaking up our daily routine is always fun.

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