Friday, July 26, 2013

Week in Review

Stepsister's graduation/birthday party. Harry loved running around and interacting with everyone. There were a couple little girls there (2.5 and 1 years old) and the three of them had fun together.

The part was at my dad's house and their dog, Caesar, is kind of obsessed with Harry. He's a big dog, a doberman, and Harry isn't always sure what to think about him. He likes petting Caesar, but really doesn't like when the dog sneaks up behind him.

Nothing exciting. (See Monday)

Ant's 29th birthday. And the start of his new shift at work. Which is kinda funny considering he started his job on my birthday 2.5 years ago. Sunday I took Harry to the Dollar Tree so he could get 10 little birthday presents for his Daddy. I got the idea from another blogger and think it's such a cute tradition. Obviously I chose most of the gifts this year, but Harry picked out some Elmo soap for Ant all on his own.

Ant came home with cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. I had every intention of baking him a cake, but didn't. I might make it this weekend. We also ordered takeout from our favorite local Mexican restaurant. A low-key birthday, but we did even less for my birthday back in January, I don't think I even mentioned it here on my blog.

Harry got his first big boo boo. A scrape on the knee while playing outside. He didn't cry, but he bled quite a bit. And we learned he hates Band Aids. He kinda freaked out when I put one on his cut and kept shaking his leg and walking with a limp for a bit afterwards.

Returned a baby gate to Walmart. We're going to block off the kitchen so we bought 2 inexpensive gates, but one of them wouldn't work in our doorway. We're going to block off the entry way with a bigger gate instead. We ordered this one and it should be here Monday.

For dinner I tried a new recipe, Recipe Girl's enchilada casserole. A friend posted it on Instagram last week. As usual, I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. I didn't layer it right, but it was tasty!

Went craft shopping in the morning. I'm working on a new freelance crafting project so I had to pick up supplies. I'm excited to get started!

Once Ant got home I headed out to a doctor's appointment. I needed a refill on my hypertension meds and needed to follow up with an echocardiogram I had a while back. I've been having chest pains and we're trying to figure out why. Fortunately everything came back normal and my doctor thinks the pains are caused by costochondritis, which is inflammation of the rib cage, and isn't something I need to be terribly concerned about. But with my high blood pressure she wants me to get a stress test to rule anything else out.

My doctor also said a mole on my back should get checked out. I haven't been to the dermatologist in a couple years so I'm definitely due for a melanoma scan. And I have to go back next week to get some blood work. I was supposed to fast, but watching a rambunctious toddler all day with no food wasn't working. My dad agreed to watch Harry for me so I can go in the morning to get it done.

Today! Harry and I will probably just chill around the house until Ant gets home this afternoon and then we'll go grocery shopping. And maybe out to dinner. Who knows, we don't have anything excited planned.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck with all your tests - just keep them up to date: it does matter, especially now you've got Harry to consider, as well as Ant and yourself.

    Have a great week-end. Isobel:

    1. Thanks, Isobel! I will definitely keep up with all the tests, going back tomorrow to get my blood drawn, how fun ;)


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