Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Roselle Fireworks

Friday night was a special night for our town- the first fireworks show in at least 3 years! Before we moved here the show was canceled due to budget cuts and the city solicited residents for donations to keep the celebration around. It took them 3 years to raise enough money, but they finally did it! Yay, Roselle!

I absolutely love firework shows and was really looking forward to the event, the last time I saw a proper display was 2009 I think. Harry goes to sleep about 8 o'clock every night and the show Friday night wasn't scheduled to start until about 9:30. We debated taking him all week. But were leaning towards going.

Then Friday morning happened. Harry had his first ever full-on temper tantrum at Target. He's had some at home before, but this was the first outside the house. Exhibit A and Exhibit B. We figured our firework dreams were dashed. But he was fine after we got home and wasn't terribly fussy after dinner. So, after talking over the pros and cons, we decided to drive over to the event around 8 o'clock to check it out.

Never having been to a Roselle fireworks show before we weren't sure what to expect. We parked at one of the high schools and walked around the building to the back fields. There was a Beatles cover band playing and the place was packed already. We found a spot on the grass and set up our blanket. There was a booth nearby offering free samples of the Diet Snapple Half 'n Half, which I hadn't tried before, and is delicious!

 We also bought a few glow bracelets to be festive.

Harry wasn't too keen on staying in one spot, so while the band was playing we walked around with him. We could tell he was getting tired but wasn't acting too grouchy thank goodness. The fireworks caught his attention as soon as they started. At first I think he thought they were neat, but about a minute in to the show he started whimpering. Some of them were very loud and I just think he got scared. Lately he's been a mama's boy and only wanted me to hold him during the show. As soon as he got on my lap he was fine. I eased his nerves by talking about how pretty they were and what a fun American tradition going to the fireworks is, haha. Whatever works, right?

We were very impressed with the show. Roselle did the town proud and put on a nice event. We watched for about 25 minutes before heading back to the car. We figured we'd get a few minutes head start on everyone else. But the finale didn't start for another 10 minutes, just as we got to the parking lot.

We got home a little after 10 and put Harry right to sleep.

I'm so glad we decided to go. It was a beautiful night and the show was great. And who knows when we'll catch another fireworks display. Plus, it had been a while since we checked a "first" off Harry's list, so it was about time :).

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  1. I've always liked sparklers! I've always wanted to get some great fireworks shots, too. This year I was a little far away to really give it a good effort, but I think I'll probably need to get a tripod in order to get a good picture.

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