Monday, July 8, 2013

20 Month Update

20 months old, holy moly! Crazy there's only 4 months til his birthday. Here's his latest update.


Weight: He weighed in at 24.2 pounds on my bathroom scale the other day, so he hasn't gained much weight since his doctor's appointment nearly 2 months ago. 

Height: Probably about 34.5 inches.

Diaper Size: Size 5s. We started using the Pampers overnight diapers, they hold up better than the Huggies ones despite being a lot thinner.

Clothing Size: 18 months to 2T. Size 5 shoes still, but his sandals are getting tighter, so we might be in for a new pair soon.

Eating:  He's done a great job eating this month. Has pretty much tried everything I've made. His favorite is still fruit. Berries and pineapples. And beans, all kinds of beans. Green, lima, black, kidney, it's all good. 

Sleeping: The past week or two he hasn't been sleeping through the night as much. Getting him back to sleep usually isn't too hard though. Although there was one night where I had to wake him up at midnight for an emergency road trip (Ant's train stalled and we had to go pick him up) and he didn't fall back asleep until a little after 3am. 

Without saying too much (for fear of jinxing ourselves), we're trying to get him back in his own bed. He's been in our bed for over 7 months now. And while I love it, some big schedule changes are happening for Ant later this month that would make cosleeping with a toddler extremely difficult. Last night was night #1 of the transition, I'll write a whole post on how we did it soon.

Teeth: 16 now. He's only got 4 more molars to go and then he's set on teeth for a few years until they start falling out. The molars should pop through around his birthday.

Communication: Harry loves to talk! He's probably up to 75 words now, maybe more. It's hard to keep track since he's learning new ones every day. 

Another thing to note this month is his temper tantrums. The era has begun, that's for sure! They're not out of control (yet), but he has has a few meltdowns seemingly over nothing. 

Oh, and he also started eye rolling. LOL!

Weekend recaps coming the next couple days. I usually hate when bloggers get them out so late, but I didn't have the chance to post them over the weekend. So stay tuned!

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