Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rose Festival 2013

Last night summer unofficially kicked off here in Roselle with the Rose Festival! As cheesy as they are I always love going to town fairs. Harry had fun at last year's event and I knew he'd love it even more this year.

The weather had promised to be stormy so we weren't sure we'd even make it this year, but the heavens cooperated and the skies were clearing by the time the festival opened at 6pm. We walked over around 6:30 and it was crowded already. The past two years we've gone it's never seemed that popular so we were surprised. There was a band playing, so that probably helped the increased attendance.

For dinner Harry and I opted for Mexican and Ant got a turkey sandwich.

After dinner we just walked around. Last year I remember there being a little train ride that would be perfect for Harry at this age, but it was nowhere to be found. He had a blast just walking around and looking at all the "big kid" rides. A lady at a booth trying to sell us gutters gave him a mini water gun that he wouldn't let go of all night. 

Around 7:45 we could tell he was getting tired so we started to walk home. That didn't fly with Harry and subsequently led to his first official temper tantrum. It was a full on meltdown. He's had little outbursts before, but none quite like last night's. It continued all the way home and got worse once we were inside. Poor kid, he was clearly suffering from over-stimulation and over-tiredness at the same time. Terrible combination! He refused his bedtime milk and wouldn't let me brush his teeth- something he usually enjoys. Fortunately he fell asleep just as soon as his head hit the pillow a little after 8 o'clock.

And just for fun, here are a few pictures I took before we went to the festival last night. 

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