Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Extreme Couponing

I'm not an extreme couponer. I just use them to bring down my grocery bill. I can save anywhere from $30-60 on a $200ish Target shopping trip. However, this week I've been on fire and have done some extreme couponing- ya like the kind on the show. Maybe not quite to that extreme, since I didn't save hundreds of dollars, but I was able to snag quite a few things for free.

Here's the breakdown of how I got everything for free.

6 Campbell's Go Soups (Target)
Regular price: $2.60
On sale this week: $2
Used (6) $1 off 1 Target store coupons (printed at
Used (6) $1 off 1 manufacturers coupons (printed through Swagbucks to earn 10 SBs per coupon!)

4 Head & Shoulders Shampoos (Dollar General)
Regular price: $2.50
Used (2) $5 off 2 manufacturers coupons (from Sunday's paper)

1 Colgate Toothpaste (Walgreens)
Regular price: $3.50ish
On sale this week: $3
Used (1) 50¢ off 1 manufacturers coupon (from Sunday's paper)
Paid: $2.50
Got back: $2.50 register rewards to use on next purchase (I gave it to Ant to use on his way to work)

1 Kios DS (Walgreens)
Regular price: $11
On sale this week: $7
Used (1) $2 off 1 manufacturers coupon (from Hebron USA Facebook page)
Paid: $5
Got back: $7 register rewards to use on next purchase... my first money maker!

At regular price, everything would have cost over $40, but factoring in the register rewards, I was paid $2!

A few things to note if you're looking to get in to extreme couponing.

  • You do have to pay tax on everything you buy. 
  • When using online coupons, most coupons will only print out a maximum of 2-3 times per computer. 
  • Most stores and coupons only allow you to redeem a maximum of 4 of the same coupon at once, so multiple transactions might be required. 
  • Register rewards are great, but pay attention to expiration dates. Walgreens' are usually good for 2 weeks and CVS gives you a month to use them. 
  • Instgram is a great resource for couponing if you're looking for deals. #extremecouponing is probably the best hashtag to look under. Everyone likes to brag about what they've found and it's helpful to everyone else :)
Happy couponing! 

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