Friday, May 17, 2013

The Worst Day

Yesterday was terrible. It started when we woke up and just snowballed from there. Yuck! Harry leaked through his diaper and we all were sleeping in a nice big puddle at one point. Gross. Then soon after breakfast he had a diaper blowout. Hands down his worst one ever. It was everywhere. Double gross.

Things went from bad to worse when we got to Harry's doctor for his 18 month check up. But first, lemme breakdown his current stats:
  • Weight: 24lbs 1oz: 25th percentile
  • Height: 34.25 inches: just over 90th percentile
  • Head circumference: 49.5 centimeters: 90th percentile
First off, they were running way behind so we were in the waiting room for over a half hour. There were a few other babies that Harry had fun playing with, though. When we finally got into the exam room the nurse performed a hearing test. You might recall Harry failed the test in his left ear at his last appointment. We figured it had been a fluke and were surprised to find he failed again yesterday. The doctor gave us a couple of options and we decided to do an ear wash to get rid of any impacted earwax that could be causing  him to fail- I've never had the impression that he doesn't hear well. 

I do not recommend an ear wash on an 18 month old. It was awful! The nurse said Harry was the youngest patient she's ever given one to. We had to wrap him up burrito-style in a towel to keep from flailing around and he just screamed the whole time. She got a lot out of his ear so it was worth it in the end. We'll retest again at his next appointment in 6 months (they didn't want to do it after the wash because the water in his ear could affect the results). 

On top of that traumatizing experience, Harry had three shots in the leg and a blood draw in his arm. Talk about painful! But as I said, he doesn't have to go back until after his birthday. 

Then of course my favorite show, The Office, had the series finale last night. I thought it was great, and a very fitting end to the story. Of course I cried my eyes out all night. I don't think I'll be able to watch it again for a while. 

But now I'm really looking to the return of Arrested Development next week! Ant got me hooked on it college and I'm excited to see what those crazy Bluth's are up to now. And today is Friday, best day of the week. It'll be a good weekend, I can tell :).


  1. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. Just thought I should say hi! We watched The Office last night too. So glad Michael showed up for the wedding. :) have a great weekend.

  2. Poor Harry!

    Sometimes they recommend the dumbest things when it comes to small children. Jack had an eye exam and they wanted to dilate them (one was easy) the other he asked me to restrain him (he's four by the way) and he was so upset and screaming that he farted a little (which made me feel horrible as a mother). He was so embarrassed and upset. The eye doctor gave up in two seconds and I thought... "why the H did we put him through that?"


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