Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Money Saving Tips

I'm always finding out about new ways to save money, so I thought I'd pass on some more tips I've recently come across. (you can see my first money saving post here)


target cartwheel

Target's newest way to save. Cartwheel is a joint program with Facebook that allows you extra savings on top of the in-store deals, coupons and Red Card discount you might already get. Basically, you go on the Cartwheel website and select the deals you want to use in-store (they don't work for online purchases yet). They have tons of different deals to choose from like 5% off fresh berries, 10% off Circo brand apparel and 25% Pepperidge Farm bread. To start you can load up to 11 different deals, but the more you use it the more you can load to your account (I'm up to 17!). To use Cartwheel you can have your cashier scan the bar code directly from your smartphone app or you can bring a print out with you to scan. Last shopping trip Cartwheel saved us an extra $5. (Here's an in-depth explanation of the program from the Totally Target blog)

Coupon Stacking

coupon stacking

I talked about using coupons in my last money saving blog, but I didn't talk about how to get the most out of your coupons. One of my most favorite things is coupon stacking. Many stores (I know Target and Walgreens for sure) will allow you to use one manufacturer's coupon and one store coupon on the same item, which can essentially double your savings.

To find store coupons, check their websites and the Sunday paper inserts. Target usually has their store coupons mixed in with the SmartSource and Red Plum coupons while Walgreens puts them in their store advertisements.

Reusable Bags

Did you know some stores reward you for bringing in your own shopping bags? It's not a lot, but Target will give you a 5¢ discount for every bag you use. We typically bring 6 bags with us, so that's a total savings of 30¢, woo! We got our bags free at the Chicago Auto Show back in February. We love using them. They are so much easier to carry and since they're about triple the size of a normal plastic bag, we have to take less trips to empty out the car.

A few updates on some previous money saving tips...

Target Red Card
We still love using our Red Card every week. If you shop at Target, I highly suggest signing up for one! We have the debit card option, which takes the money directly out of our bank account so we never see a bill. We save 5% every time we use it in-store and online, and we get free shipping on all online orders. Sometimes when we check out we'll get Catalina coupons for free items as well. This month alone I've gotten 3 free Shutterfly photo book coupons!

Swagbucks isn't really a money saver, but more of a money maker. I love this website. Love love love! I mainly use it as a search engine instead of Google. It's not as good as Google, but it gets the job done and every few searches I earn some Swagbucks. There are many different ways to earn Swagbucks, this month I earned over $25 worth of Amazon gift cards! I'm saving up for a new printer stand, I'm thinking something like this one, and I'm over halfway there.

If you have any other money saving tips, I'd love to hear 'em! 


  1. shoot! I was just at Target today! i need to remember to use Cartwheel!

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