Thursday, May 30, 2013


I've been in a funk. Ugh. I don't know why. Usually I can blame my funks on the weather, but it's been pretty nice out generally. Just the ebb and flow of life I suppose.

Not much is new with us. Well, except for this little boy who was mistaken for a three year old the other day.

His "I want more fruit snacks" face

I don't think he looks quite 3 years old, but he certainly is looking grown up! Earlier this week we took the tray off his high chair, so he now eats at the table like a big boy! Except the high chair is a little tall for the table and is the perfect height for a foot rest (re: this Instagram). We've been giving plates and bowls a try this week as well. I had low expectations and figured he wasn't ready for a plate yet, but he's done really well with them. He has picked them up and played with them (re: this Instagram), but only after he's finished his food. So, yay!

Oh, and we also just signed up for story time at the library. It doesn't start for another few weeks but I'm already getting excited for it. Harry will be one of the oldest in the class so he'll have a lot of fun playing with the other babies I bet.

I also wanted to share my latest home revamping project.

I bought this thing at JoAnn's a couple weeks ago. It was originally brown and Tiffany blue. I spray painted the metal parts black and painted and distressed the wooden frame navy blue. To finish, I glued some chevron fabric to the back, which was leftover from a previous project. It hangs a little too low, but the nail was already in the wall from the previous frame. I don't want to put another unnecessary hole in the wall so this'll have to do.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen this week is that I discovered Hart of Dixie. Wait, replace exciting with mundane. I never pictured myself watching that show. But if you look past the fact that Summer Roberts could never get in to med school and Jaime King's terrible southern accent, it's a cute show. Season 1 is on Netflix if you're interested in watching it. My favorite character is Annabeth, she's so adorable and spunky, and smart, too!

I also want to give an update on the Green Coffee Bean extract. I'm into my 2nd bottle now, but as of when I finished my first I was down 2 pounds. Not as great as I was hoping, but I swear I have the metabolism of someone 3x my age. So, progress is progress, right?

Have a great rest of your week, tomorrow is Friday!

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  1. Hopefully the zoo on Sunday will get you out of the funk :) Can't wait to see you guys!


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