Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yu Kids Island Again

Ant took the day off yesterday and around noon we drove up to Schaumburg for another fun afternoon at Yu Kids Island. With Harry being almost 18 months we thought he'd really be able to enjoy the play place now (here's my post on the last time we visited). There was only one other group there when we arrived which was awesome. Harry basically had the whole place to himself for 20 minutes!

We had a great time. Since he's so good at walking/running he was able to enjoy a lot more of the attractions this time around.

The balloons were a huge hit. I think mostly because you have to take stairs to get up to them.

He loves stairs. Living in a condo we don't have any obviously, but there are a few in our building he does really well with. Harry usually does them the "normal" way with one of holding his hands but we weren't fast enough for his liking yesterday.

At one point he was playing with a 20 month old little boy named Daniel. They played pretty well together, but I was surprised to see how timid Harry was. Daniel was throwing blocks all over and knocking things town whereas Harry kept trying to share the blocks with everyone. He's just an un-aggressive, chill kid. I love that about him. Despite his sweetness, Harry got into an altercation with another little boy. I was actually putting my camera away when it happened so Ant had to tell me about it after the fact.

Apparently this little boy got upset Harry was also playing in the balloon area and got physical with him. Harry's got a few big scratches on his face now. Ant told me that the boy's mother was embarrassed and very apologetic about the whole thing and promptly left the facility. Harry handled it like a champ and didn't cry, just a little whimper. Obviously I felt bad something like that happened, but I know that won't be the last time. Accidents happen when kids are playing so I didn't get worked up over it.

This thing spins!
I'm sure we'll be visiting Yu Kids Island again over the summer. Harry loves it and the free air conditioning is a plus! If you're in the area I highly suggest going on a weekday morning- nice and uncrowded :).

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