Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby Poang Chair

It's been a super boring week. The most exciting thing I've done is some spring cleaning. Woo! I've got a huge list of stuff I want to get this month, and I just keep adding to it.

I feel like I haven't written a blog post in forever,  and this is just a quick post today since I don't really have anything to write about.

Here's baby boy playing in his Ikea Poang chair earlier this week.

He loves this chair! In and out, in and out, in and out... all day long. Harry also thinks it's fun to push the chair all over the living room. The Poang is a great, inexpensive toddler chair if you're in the market for one. I just wish it came in different colors, but the light wood and neutral colored cushion are the only options unfortunately.


  1. I was looking at this chair at Ikea last weekend! Is the cushion washable? I foresee lots of messes on that white...I wish it had a dark cushion option lol

    1. Yes, it is machine washable. So far we've been lucky with no messes on the chair, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

  2. I was just at Ikea today and debating this chair. I always look at it when I am there, I should just bite the bullet. It is such a cute chair!

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