Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Words and Diapers

Yesterday I took Harry to Hobby Lobby without thinking about it, yay! He's been so fussy lately. I knew I couldn't handle him at home and I had to return something, so off we went. We were gone for a good two hours! I think we're going to go out again today, too. I'm working on a springy centerpiece for our kitchen table and I need to get some more supplies to finish the project.

Harry has only been "talking" for a few short days, but I already have an update. As I mentioned on Sunday his first word was "ni ni" (night night). He hasn't said it since then, but he's added three more words to his arsenal:  "daddy," "hi" and "goo" (good). What a quick learner! The cutest word is daddy, he says it so clearly.

He only says the words when I ask him to, but I'm pretty confident he knows what them mean and they aren't just babbles to him.

I promised an update to our cloth diaper situation earlier this month. Ugh. This isn't something I ever wanted to have to write, but we've been exclusively in disposables for over a month now.

Sometime in January our washing machine broke. It completely stopped spinning. At first I just thought it was affecting the spin cycle at the end of the wash and all the diapers came out soaking wet and took forever to air dry. Not an ideal situation, but it worked. So I thought. After a few washes I realized they weren't getting clean, so I started doing the heavy duty wash cycle and washing less diapers per load. Didn't make a difference, the diapers were coming out nearly as dirty as they were going in. Ewww!

Washing the cloth diapers would cost more per week in our building's machines than disposables, so that's why we switched back. Saving money was one of our main factors in using cloth diapers in the first place. At this point I'm not sure what we're going to do. We tried fixing the machine as soon as we discovered the problem but that didn't work, so we'd have to get a whole new machine. We need to go over the expenses and our finances a bit to see where we stand and what would work best. If we end up sticking with the disposables, I'll probably sell a good portion of my stash.

And happy first day of spring! I hope it's nice and warm where you are. Here in Chicago the high for today is a balmy 24 degrees! This has seriously been one of the longest winters I can remember. I am so sick of the cold and snow. By this time last year we'd already had a few 80 degree days and the leaves were coming in nicely. We're supposed to get close to 40 degrees on Friday, so I pray that's the beginning of the end of winter for us.


  1. I'm so glad Harry is starting to talk! Pretty soon he won't stop ;)

    If you do end up selling your cloth diapers, I'd probably be interested in quite a few!

  2. What if you have another little one? You might then need them, and diapers eventually can make great dusters or other cleaning cloths (which cost to buy in the fist place). Think carefully before disposal! As for a new washing machine: do you have a re-furbished electrical outlet nearby? It can make sense to get a replacement from such a supplier: all the problems of new machines can be ironed out before you have to suffer them. I got one from a local UK supplier nearly 10 years ago, and it's still going well. In fact, it's now older than the one it replaced!


  3. Go Harry! I love seeing his cute little face!

    Sorry to hear about your washing machine. Our washer and dryer both went out last month! It's defiantly an unexpected (and obnoxious) expense. If we weren't able to score a good financing deal we'd be back in disposable too! :(

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