Friday, March 1, 2013

DuPage Children's Museum

It's been an interesting week around here. After I published my blog post on Monday things went downhill for Ant. He came down with some sort of stomach virus and was out of commission until Wednesday. Thankfully I never ended up getting as sick as the boys did so I could keep the household running. I felt a little rundown on Monday, but that was the extent of it for me.

By yesterday morning we were all feeling great and ready for an adventure we'd been planning all month, a trip to Naperville for the DuPage Children's Museum!

I have been looking forward to taking Harry to the museum since before he was born. It was a pretty special event for me because I remember going there when I was a kid! We debated waiting until he was a bit older to go but when a Groupon for the museum popped up a few months ago we decided to go for it.

For the most part Harry enjoyed the museum. A lot of the exhibits are geared towards older kids, but there was more than enough to keep him busy for nearly two hours. Here are some pictures from our visit.

His favorite room at the museum was the percussion room. What little boy doesn't like to bang on things and make loud noises?

His second favorite was the giant Light Bright. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the exhibit is lit with black lights and the sticks glow neon.

One display we thought he'd really get a kick out of was the water and bubbles. He liked them, but wasn't overly fond of them like he was the drums.

LOL at Dad's face! :)

If you're in the area, definitely check out the DuPage Children's Museum if you haven't yet! Babies of all ages can find things to do, but most of the museum is geared towards 18 months and up.

After the museum we treated ourselves to some decadence at Cookie Dough Creations.

Cookie Dough Creations is pretty intense. They sell cookie dough like ice cream! It's egg free so it's safe to eat. They also sell ice cream and cookies. I went traditional with my treat and just got a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough while Ant went crazy with a DIY ice cream sandwich made of Zanzibar dark chocolate and two different types of cookies.

It's so yummy, but definitely a once-every-five-years type of indulgence! We got home around five o'clock and hung around for a half hour before heading up to Schaumburg for dinner. Ever since we tried Bahama Breeze back in January we've been dying to go back. We were starving when we got to the restaurant so we split the warm goat cheese dip to go along with our cocktails (Pain Killer for Ant and a margarita for me). Entrees included a turkey burger for Ant and the Wood-Grilled Chicken Breast for me. Ant liked his fine but mine was out-of-this-world amazing! I chose the lighter portion option, and it was plenty big for me and Harry to share.

After dinner we quickly stopped by Babies R Us. We've been wanting to get a new stroller for a while and finally took the plunge last night. We went with the Chicco Liteway stroller. Our original stroller is fine, but it's just so huge and hard to fold up. I wanted something lightweight, with a canopy and sturdy enough to last us a long time. I think we found it with the one we purchased. I want to try it out soon so I'll probably take Harry to the mall since the snow and cold don't seem to be going anywhere.

Today's plan is to veg out. We usually do our grocery shopping Friday mornings because of Ant's work schedule, but since he's off again today we'll probably schelp around for a few hours and save the shopping for later.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I found you through For Love of Cupcakes. We have family that live in your area and we are going out to visit in May. I may have to add the DuPage Children's Museum to our to-do list while we are there! Looks like you had a great time!


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