Wednesday, March 27, 2013

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Hi, everyone! This is my first post from my new computer! Ant ended up finding a great deal on a Samsung laptop at Best Buy the other day. Not the brand I had planned on going with, but the computer has decent reviews and the deal was too good to pass up. Windows 8 is even more confusing than I had anticipated though, it's so much different than any of the other Windows systems.

Now to the topic at hand... health and weight loss. I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I say I'd like to loose a little weight. I've been thinking about different ways to shed some pounds recently when I had the opportunity to partner with Creative Bioscience for their 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. After researching the company and their products, I was game!

Of the many products Creative Bioscience offers, I feel like the Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract is the best fit for me. I like that it's all natural and has been known to lower blood pressure in users. Our local NBC news recently did a story on the effects of green coffee bean extract on weight loss which further piqued my interest in trying it.

According to the company you don't have to change your lifestyle in any way to see results with the Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract. Sounds so easy! The website states that a recent study resulted in an average of 17 pounds lost over 12 weeks. However, I'd like to maximize my results and get healthier in general, so I do plan on doing some extra work.

The first thing I plan on doing is adding more exercise to my daily routine. With spring finally on the way here in Chicago I'm excited to use our new stroller regularly for walks around the neighborhood with Harry. Nothing too strenuous but it's better than sitting at home. Our On Demand TV service also offers different workout videos I like to do when I can find the time.

As far as eating healthier goes, I need to cut out my evening snacking. That's my downfall. I eat healthy throughout the day but as soon as 9pm rolls around, my junk food cravings kick in. I know I probably won't be 100%, but I know I can curb some of the snacking and substitute more healthy choices.

I don't have any particular weight loss goal in mind for this challenge. I'd just like to see the number on the scale go down! Envisioning a number feels like I'm setting myself up for failure. If I loose 5 pounds, great. If I loose 10 pounds, even better. And if I only loose 1 pound, so be it.

Does the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge sound like something you'd be interested in doing? Creative Bioscience is looking for other bloggers to participate. You can click here for more information and an opportunity to apply for the program.

Disclaimer: Creative Bioscience is providing me with the Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract free to use in exchange for my participation in the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge and blogging about my progress. 


  1. I hope it goes well for you. :) Losing weight is rarely as easy as taking a supplement, but they can be a good start and a good aid to a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking for some new healthy ideas, I'd recommend some whole/real food blogs (Like 100 Days of Real Food), and using a weight loss app like Lose It! or My Fitness Pal. Cutting out processed foods has allowed my husband and I to both lose weight. We still have our evening snack, but we choose organic trail mix, homemade popcorn with a variety of spices or chocolate pudding made from avocado, cocoa, and maple syrup. Yum!!!

    I'm looking forward to following your story!

  2. Quick fixes never last. We want you to commit to this program for 90 days. That said, most people feel greater and more consistent energy and a loss of carb cravings in 4 to 7 days. This means that exercise will become easier and more enjoyable, and THAT is the secret click here 90 day challenge

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  4. a great way to do such kind of workout. love the fact about this green coffee. i think it is a very good way to suh kind of things and love to do it for sure. thanks for sharing this awesome and interesting 90 day challenge here.

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