Thursday, February 7, 2013

Viral Video Gone Wrong

No doubt you've seen the latest viral video of the cute baby waking up and dancing to her favorite song. She's in her car seat, so I bet you can guess where I'm going with this...

To compare, here's the unedited image.

Okay, let's break this down. I'll start with little girl #1, the one in the car seat.
  • I'm guessing she's right around a year old, maybe a little older. Based on the current AAP recommendations she should still be rear facing. (side note- I have a post dedicated to extended rear facing in the works!)
  • Her chest clip needs to be raised up a couple of inches to armpit level. If they were to get in an accident with her chest clip at the level it's at, the little girl risks getting severe internal injuries.
  • Her straps seem to be tight enough, so that's a plus! 
On to big sister in the booster seat.
  • She looks like what, two and a half? Maybe three at most. She needs to be in a five-point harness seat like her sister.
  • Even if she did meet the minimum age requirement for a booster, which I'm pretty sure is four years old, there is no way she is 40 pounds, the minimum weight requirement.
So next time you see a link to this video, please don't ohhh and ahhhh over it. Yes, the little girls are cute. And the dancing is adorable. But, they are both at serious risk! I couldn't get past how unsafe they are the first time I watched the video. I hope that enough people raise awareness of the issues to their parents and that they fix the seats.

But, that of course doesn't solve the problem of the thousands of other seats not being used correctly. Here is some important car seat safety information:

And if you really want to laugh at a cute baby dancing to Gangnam Style, take a look at this cutie pie!

(Today is Harry's 15 month birthday! His update probably won't be up until tomorrow morning though since getting on the computer during the day is virtually impossible with a curious toddler.)


  1. I saw that video and looked at the car seat and thought you might post about it!

    Gangnam Style Calms down and puts my son to sleep!

  2. All i could focus on when i first saw the video was how unsafe those babies are!! It makes my stomach hurt to see little ones buckled up so wrong!

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