Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Shoes (and Hat)

I haven't bought new shoes in years (aside from an impractical pair of gladiator sandals last year). My go-to pairs work just fine but I'd be lying if I wasn't sick of wearing them. So yesterday at Target I treated myself to three new pairs of flats and a winter hat.

I lucked out with everything, my entire haul cost just $25! Holy shoe clearance, there were tons of different styles to choose from. Our Target had mostly large sizes, so if you're a Sasquatch like me, go... now! Being a size 10 during a shoe clearance definitely has it's perks :).

We also found a cute toddler-sized hooded towel for Harry for $5. He's quickly outgrowing his baby towels so that was a great find.

Today's agenda includes a whole lotta cleaning. Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of pouring water. It was raining in our bathroom again. It's actually happened three times in the last week. Ugh. The first two times it only lasted a few minutes, but it must have been going on for at least 45 minutes before it woke me up yesterday. As you can probably imagine, our bathroom was soaked with dirty, rusty water. The ceiling above our front door sprouted a leak as well. Apparently our upstairs neighbors' toilet sprung a leak.

After they fixed the leak we mopped up all the water but I saved cleaning it all until today. How fun!


  1. Had something like that happen to me when our house began to fall down - literally in the early 1990's! Every time it rained more than a drop, we had to find containers to catch the leaks, as the roof opened up as the foundations moved!! Not funny - I now have a dread of thunderstorms and the like, as you can imagine! Glad your leak was cleanable!

  2. What an awesome haul! I should definitely head to Target (I'm a 10 too).

    Sorry about the leak! Hopefully the cleanup isn't too bad.

  3. cute find!!! uugh about the toilet leak... that stinks.


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