Monday, February 11, 2013

Egg Muffins

No, not an Egg McMuffin, just egg muffins! I found this recipe from Beer Cat Brewing the other week and I had to try it myself (she calls them egg cupcakes).

The muffins turned out so well! I followed the recipe almost exactly. I did substitute deli sausage with three Hillshire Farms turkey sausages since that's wha we had on hand. My muffins also had to cook for 35 minutes instead of 20. Prior to making them I purchased some Wilton silicone baking cups. I wish I would have invested in them sooner, they're awesome.

I can't wait to make these again. Maybe next time with just egg whites. Or half the yolks to make them a little healthier. The muffins are perfect for picky little tummies too since you can "hide" a ton of veggies in them. Harry loved them and scarfed down two within minutes, and would have eaten four more had I let him.

Happy baking!


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  2. I'm so glad they turned out well!

    And your pictures make them look so much more appealing than mine did!

  3. those look yummy! can you freeze them? I saw something on pinterest about freezing a recipe similar to this.


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