Friday, February 15, 2013

Crazy Valentine's Day

Our day started out as any normal Valentine's Day. The boys and I exchanged gifts in the morning before Harry's doctor's appointment. I received a pretty bouquet of roses and a Disney-themed box of chocolates.

Pretty! I also got a salon gift certificate so I can finally get my horrible haircut fixed! I'll probably also get a mani/pedi once the weather warms up. For Ant's present I painted him a canvas that I'll share once it's hung on the wall. 

After our mini Valentine's celebration, we headed to the doctor's office. Harry's official 15 month stats are:
  • 32.5 inches tall (90th percentile)
  • 22 pounds (25th percentile)
  • 48 centimeters head circumference (80th percentile)
He also had to endure three vaccines. One in the thigh and then in each arm. Our doctor also had Harry do a hearing test- the same one he passed when he was in the NICU. Somewhat surprisingly, only his right ear passed the test, and the nurse tried it three or four times. Sooooo, I'm really trying not to freak out. 

As far as I can tell, Harry hears just fine. He understands a lot and answers many questions with gestures. The doctor said the amount and position of earwax in his ear could mess with the results, which is why we're going to wait until his next appointment in three months and test again. If he still fails, then we'll take further action.

Now here's where things got real crazy (aka, TMI!)...

For dinner we went to Qdoba to take advantage of their buy one get one free with a kiss deal again. We ordered Harry a chicken quesadilla, something he's had before. Dinner was going great and Harry was having a blast looking at all the people coming in to the restaurant. He was more focused on looking at everyone and at one point he started choking. 

Of course choking is scary, but babies handle it well since it happens often as they're just learning how to eat. Their tongues automatically work to dislodge the food and push it out. Harry was doing just that so I patted his back with one hand and held out the other to catch the food. Thank goodness I held my hand out because it wasn't just the one piece of tortilla that came out. It was the entire quesadilla he had just eaten. And the entire bottle of milk he drank. All in my hands. 

After it happened I just sat there stunned. My mouth was probably agape, too. I was absolutely mortified. Fortunately a mom who was in line and saw the whole thing assured me that she'd "been there, too." We cleaned up as quickly as we could and ran out of the restaurant.

I should mention that Harry was absolutely fine. He was smiling as soon as the whole thing was over. This was the first time he's ever thrown up food and handled it like a champ. It was just a fluke puke :). By the time we were driving home we were laughing about the incident. I'm sure over the years we'll amass many more stories like this one, too. 

I hope your Valentine's Day was less exciting than ours!

All smiles after the dinner incident

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