Sunday, January 27, 2013

Once Upon a Child Grab Bag Haul

Yesterday the boys and I went to Once Upon a Child for their annual grab bag sale. We got all of this for $22!

OUAC never seems to have a great selection of boys clothes, but I think we made out pretty well. Harry picked out the yellow Rock Star shirt himself! Well, he pulled it off the rack so of course we had to get it. I was most excited to find a few rompers for the summer. They were my go-to outfit for Harry last summer and I think this will be the last year we'll find ones that fit. Which is unfortunate, since they're so cute and easy to wear.

On an unrelated note, anyone watch the show Parenthood? I caught the season finale on Thursday and really enjoyed it so I decided to go through the series on Netflix. I'm already embarrassingly far in to the show, I can't stop watching! It's much more of a drama than I thought it was going to be and most of the acting on the show is fantastic. I highly recommend the show if you looking for a cross between Modern Family and 7th Heaven :).


  1. I love OUAC! Looks like you found some great stuff.

    I started watching Parenthood on Netflix just last week! I'm almost done with the 2nd season. I haven't seen any of the current episodes, but I had just heard it was really good from a few people. I love it!

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