Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes Fashion Round Up

Here's a quick run down of my favorite and least favorite looks from last night's Golden Globe Awards. You can see my 2012 picks here.

(all pictures from this Huffington Post article. )


Claire Danes

Her son is one month old today. How does she look so amazing!?!?

Michelle Dockery

Nicole Richie

Lucy Liu

This dress reminds me of an old Laura Ashley dress on crack. And that's a very good thing :)


Alyssa Milano

When I worked at JoAnn Fabrics we sold the material used to make this dress for $2.99 a yard (not joking, it's called baroque satin)

Jessica Chastain

Help! Jessica has been afflicted with droopy boob syndrome! Such an ill-fitting choice, and I think this was custom made for her, too! I do love the lady in the background, her face says it all about this look!

Olivia Munn

Anne Hathaway

I didn't totally hate this, it just seems so ordinary for someone who was pretty much guaranteed to walk away a winner.

Sienna Miller

So there you have it, my quick take on last night's fashions. Who was your best and worst dressed?

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