Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Combat Your Dry Skin

I can't be the only one out there who gets crazy dry skin during the winter. It seems like every December my skin starts to tighten and dry out. The back of my hands are the biggest culprits, but a few years ago (TMI alert...) nearly my entire body was afflicted with severe dry skin. It was horrible! Not only does it look unpleasant but it hurts like a b----! I will say, the pregnancy gods were good to me last winter and I barely suffered at all. I gave birth to Harry in November but it takes a few months for all the hormones to leave your body. Ohhhh how I miss those wonderful hormones!

Here are a few of the products I've discovered that really help keep my skin looking great during the winter.

First step to de-scaling your skin, body scrub! I have this one from Tree Hut, but you don't need to buy anything fancy. Granulated sugar mixed with olive oil is a great homemade scrub that I've used many times myself.

I would suggest using the body scrub right before bed a few times a week. After exfoliating, slather on the Vaseline! Petroleum jelly is far and away the best moisturizer I've ever used. It's messy and sticky, so if you're putting it on your hands, I suggest sleeping with gloves on so it doesn't ruin your sheets.  Most articles I've read on this subject suggest cotton gloves, but I've only ever used cheap polyester gloves like the ones pictured, and they work just fine. By morning your hands will be smooth and pain-free!

Since Vaseline really isn't a good daytime moisturizer, you'll want to substitute with a good quality hand cream to prevent the dryness from coming back. My favorite is the Archipelago Botanicals Soy Milk Creme, I've bought tubes and tubes of this stuff since a former coworker of mine introduced me to this miracle product a few years ago. The cream is super silky and absorbs really fast. Plus it has a nice, subtle scent.

Surprise, surprise... my lips also get really dry in the winter. I mentioned the fabulous Nivea lip balm on my blog a while back. I've gone through five tubes of the stuff since late summer. I'm addicted! The Mint & Minerals kind is my favorite. It goes on smooth and just feels great on my lips.

So there you have it, my go-to tips and products for keeping dry skin at bay during the winter.

What works for your skin in the winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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