Tuesday, January 8, 2013

14 Month Update

Harry turned 14 months old yesterday. I feel terrible not getting this update out earlier, but it's so hard for me to get on the computer during the day now and I just took it easy last night as I think I might be coming down with something (both Ant and Harry have been sick in the last week). 


Weight: Around 21 pounds still I'd imagine.
Height: He's gotta be over 32 inches, he definitely went through a little growth spurt in the past  month.
Diaper Size: Size 4 disposables once a day, and cloth the rest of the time.
Clothing Size: I just put away all his  9 month onesies, so he's in 12 and 18 month clothes exclusively. His 12 month footed jammies are quickly becoming too short! 
Eating:  3-4 meals a day. Breakfast is usually a PB&J English muffin, oatmeal or scrambled eggs with some fruit and milk. Lunch is a yogurt or smoothie with some Cheerios and freeze dried bananas. A typical third meal is meat, cheese, fruit or veggie and crackers. Most days he'll also eat a little bit of what I make for dinner- his favorites lately are pasta and spicy chicken. He also gets a small sippy cup of milk just before bed. 
Sleeping: We're still co-sleeping. I'm getting used to it, but still not loving it. He usually isn't asleep until 9 or 10pm, which is frustrating. He is still averaging two naps a day, too. 
Teeth: He's got eight now. Six on top and two on bottom. 
Communication: He's starting to point a little so I've been giving him "choices" for food and books and give him whichever he gestures towards to reinforce the behavior. One of his favorite things is showing us where his hair is, which I think I mentioned in last month's update, too. He was really great at showing us his tummy and legs, but hasn't done that the past few days. I tried to teach him mouth yesterday, and he's shown me that a few times. Another thing he just started doing, which isn't really related to communications, but bear with me, is "moon walking" -- aka, walking backwards. He'll moon walk the entire length of the living room, and just thinks it's the funnest activity ever. I really need to catch it on video!

As far as his speech goes, he's still just babbling. Yesterday we had our second evaluation with a developmental therapist. Get this, she calculated that he's behind 29%! A mere 1% difference between getting therapy and not. So, no therapy for now, but he will be reevaluated again in three months to see how he's progressed. 

The therapist said that because Harry is right on track or ahead in all other areas aside from speech (he's at the 18 month level for gross motor skills!), she doesn't think he needs therapy right now. Nothing is indicative that he will have problems learning to talk, it's just that his brain is focused on other things right now. Which is common for boys in general, and especially early-ish walkers as Harry was. 

I'm happy with the outcome of his evaluations and am very thankful we even had the opportunity to meet with the therapists. A lot of what I've read online says that most children have a language explosion around 15 months, so I'm confident Harry will start talking soon. And if not, we've already taken some proactive steps to get him the help he might need. 


  1. He's growing up fast!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the speech thing -- all kids develop differently. We have some kids his age at the school I work at who are pretty similar as far as their speech development goes.

    I nominated you for a Liebster award! If you'd like to participate, you can check it out here http://www.goodgirlgonewife.com/2013/01/liebster-blog-award-take-2.html

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