Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meal Planning

Dinner at our house used to look a lot like this.

Me: "What do you want for dinner?"
Ant: "Ohhh I don't know, maybe spaghetti?"
Me: "Okay, but we don't have any sauce. Can you go get some while I start the pasta?'
Ant "Uggh, if I have to go out I might as well pick up Qdoba instead."

We're not always prepared for dinner. Which is one of the reasons we were eating out so much at the beginning of the year. We did well with limiting ourselves to once a week for a while, but slowly we were getting back to our old habits.

About a month ago I Pinned this meal planner I found and got to work on my own.

Pin It

It's completely different from the one I saw originally, but the idea is the same. I thought to use a chalkboard (the same one from our DIY maternity photo shoot) so I don't have to make little tags every time I come up with a new entree.

For our meal planning board I just painted the chalkboard blue, varnished it and then added flowers and metal jewelry findings I had in my craft supplies. I adhered the ribbon with my glue gun and hung it on a 3M hook. A super easy and useful craft!

We've had the meal planner up for about three weeks now and we've stuck to it. It has also really helped with our grocery shopping so we get enough food for the week and don't have to go out.

And speaking of spaghetti, look what was on the meal planner for last night, before I updated it with this week's meals.

Last night was the first time I roasted cauliflower. I've only made it once before, and that time I steamed it. Before putting the cauliflower in the oven I tossed it in a bowl with a few spritzes of PAM Olive Oil (love that stuff!), garlic, oregano black pepper and Parmesan cheese. I put it in the oven at 450° for 15 minutes and then turned the broiler on for another couple minutes. Yum!

And just for fun I want to share a picture that I didn't know was on my camera until I uploaded the other two pictures in this post.

Ant does this to me all the time. He takes pictures with my camera and doesn't tell me. I like getting these little surprises on my camera! He had to have taken this picture right after his morning bottle since I slept through it yesterday. Cute :).

With Harry drinking six bottles a day Ant will usually feed him one or two, which helps me a lot. But, Ant is sick right now so I'll be doing all the feedings for the next couple days. With minimizing their contact hopefully Harry won't get sick. I hope I don't either! I felt a little sick last week but it didn't turn in to anything, thank goodness.

Oh, and I just wanted to make note (mainly for my records) that I switched out all Harry's three month clothes yesterday, ahhh! The six month onesies and pants are still a little big on him, but we've got so much stuff in that size I want to make sure he wears it all before outgrowing it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Don't forget to wear green today!

Rolling Over

Yesterday we took Harry out on three different outings. First to Target for some grocery shopping, then to Hobby Lobby to pick up a fleur de lis wall hanging I saw a couple weeks back and then to Japan 77 for dinner. There was a Groupon for the restaurant yesterday and since we hadn't been since I was pregnant we thought it'd be nice to go back.

We always have to take pictures before going out somewhere :)

I love polo onesies on little boys! This one is by Carters.

A funny thing that happened at dinner. I ordered my Shirley Temple as I always do at the restaurant. The waitress didn't have any idea what I was talking about, so I said, "a Shirley Temple. They'll make it at the bar. It's Sprite and cherry." Sigh, I ended up with a Sprite and some maraschino cherries. I suppose it's partly my fault since I should have said Sprite and grenadine, but whatevs.

And guess who rolled over for the first second time yesterday! He rolled over once when he was about six weeks old but hasn't done it since. While we were watching the horrible end to the Mizzou basketball game yesterday I put Harry on his tummy. By the time I stood up he was on his back! He was just so nonchalant about it.

We were so excited that he did it and of course put him back on his tummy to see if he'd do it again. No such luck unfortunately. He was trying to do it again but couldn't quite figure it out. I really hope this wasn't another fluke, but we shall see.

We also got a couple really cute, little giggles out of him last night as I was putting him in his jammies. I can't wait until he gives us a full on belly laugh! A lot of the mom's in the online group I'm a part of and some of my YouTube friends have posted videos about their babies laughing, and they're all younger than Harry. I know I shouldn't compare him to other babies, but it's hard not to.

Anyways, Happy St. Pats! We did a fun little photo shoot the other day and I'll post those pictures on the blog in a bit.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Harry's Birth Story (LONG!!)

So here we are, four months postpartum and I never posted my birth story. To me, it was such a personal experience that I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it. I had it completely written except for one or two paragraphs by the time Harry was a month and a half old. It was about two pages long. I thought I saved it. In fact, I'm still fairly positive I did. However, I can't find it anywhere on my computer. I've spent a lot of time searching for it. I'm afraid it's gone. I'm devastated. I was really proud of how it turned out.

Fortunately I still have the notes that Ant kept while we were in the hospital. I decided I will share Harry's story on my blog so I don't risk losing it again. So here's version 2.0 of how my amazing son entered the world.

On Sunday, November 6, 2011 I took my blood pressure and it was crazy high.

After that reading I called my OB's on-call service and spoke with one of the doctors, who told me just to wait it out until my appointment the next morning. That night I kept saying 11-7-11 over and over, I was sure that would be Harry's birthday.

The next morning as Ant and I were getting ready for our 36 week appointment I got our hospital bags ready. They were mostly packed, but I got some last minute items together just in case we'd have to run back home to get them. In hindsight we probably should have brought them with us, but our doctor's office and hospital are just 10 minutes from our house.

As we walked to the doctor's that morning Ant commented that I was "waddling more than usual." I don't remember what my blood pressure was at the appointment, but it was bad enough as to where both doctors who were working came in and talked with us. After they talked to each other it was decided we needed to get Harry out that day. Even though I had an inkling they would say that, it was still a shock to hear that my baby was going to be a preemie.

Since I was still four weeks out from my due date my doctor told me I'd probably have to have a c-section because the stress of inducing me without being dilated at all would be too much for me and the baby. But, she thought she'd check me just in case. Much to everyone's surprise, I was already five centimeters dilated! That my friends, is active labor. No wonder I was waddling more that morning! The doctor stripped my membranes, which really kick started my contractions.

I have a really high pain tolerance and just thought the contractions I had been having were Braxton Hicks, not real ones! I asked the doctor if we could go home to get our bags and she said Ant could, but I was making my third, and final trip to labor & delivery.

So at 11:00am one of the nurses walked us down and we immediately got put in a labor room. Everyone down there was very impressed that I was five centimeters already. I was immediately hooked up to an IV and my blood was drawn. No one has ever had troubles giving me an IV before, but the nurse blew a vein in my right arm (my preferred IV arm since I'm left handed) and left me with a bruise the size of a DVD.

Around noon my doctor came in started me on a magnesium sulfate drip. The mag was to prevent me from having a seizure since they weren't sure if I had pre-e or not. It made me a little sleepy, but I didn't experience most of the nasty side effects I was warned about.

Because I had to be on the mag sulfate, I wouldn't be allowed to leave my bed for 24 hours after giving birth. So, I had to have a catheter put in. Ouch! One of the nurses started prepping me for it when my doctor asked if I was planning on getting an epidural.

I had always planned on getting an epidural, but at that point I really didn't need one. I was working through the contractions with no problems and one of the nurses even asked me if I knew I was having a contraction when a rather large one showed up on the monitor. I told her it was no big deal.

Inserting the catheter was a different story. I opted to get the epidural just so I wouldn't feel the catheter go in. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. My epidural didn't work for the first few hours. It actually made my pain 100 times worse! My legs and abdomen were numb but I felt the catheter go in, and holy moly was that painful! And every contraction from there on out was excruciatingly painful in my cervix area. I could no longer talk through them like nothing was wrong. The contractions I experienced after getting my epidural were the most painful moments of my life, no question.

The anesthesiologist had to come back twice to fix my epidural. He ended up giving me enough medication for a c-section! I was finally pain free by 3:30p.m.

Backing up a little... by 1:00p.m. my contractions were four minutes apart and my doctor broke my water at 2:15p.m. Soon after my contractions sped up to three and a half minutes apart and I was started on pitocin around 2:30p.m.

The last picture of me pregnant!

Even though I was progressing at a good rate, I was put on pitocin to take the stress off my body and the baby. I think it's just protocol at my hospital to put all mag sulfate patients on pitocin, since the anti-seizure meds can slow the whole process down.

Around 4:15p.m. I had to be put on oxygen because baby's heart rate dropped during each contraction. And at 5:30p.m. a new doctor, whom I'd never met, came in to check my progress. I was sad my doctor was no longer on call and would not be delivering my baby, but this new doctor was really nice and I trusted him right away. He checked me and I was eight centimeters and 90% effaced.

At 6:30p.m. my pitocin was increased and my contractions were coming every three minutes. Sometime around 7:30p.m. my nurse, Chrissy, turned off my epidural. QUE FREAK OUT! I'd read enough birth stories to know that turning off the epidural meant that pushing was the next step. No way was I ready to do that! I think I might have started crying a little at that point and I was definitely having a minor panic attack. I hadn't planned on feeling the birth of my son and I was scared that I was going to.

Around 7:45p.m. I started doing some practice pushes as my room was prepped for delivery. Since I was delivering pre-term with pre-eclamptic/PIH symptoms, there was a large NICU team ready and waiting for Harry's arrival. The doctor arrived not long after and it was officially go-time! My memory's a  little hazy at this point, and Ant didn't write anything down since he was coaching me, but let's see what I can remember.

My epidural didn't completely wear off so all I felt was some mild pressure during the contractions to alert me when to push. My contractions were right on top of each other so I didn't have much time to rest in between them. When he started to crown Ant looked down and told me he had a full head of hair!

During one of my short breaks in between contractions Harry slid out. Yep! Little bugger caught everyone off guard and the doctor didn't catch him, he just landed on the bed. Harry was 5 pounds 11 ounces, 19 inches long and he was born at 8:12p.m., less than a half hour after I started pushing.

As soon as he was born I started sobbing and was so out of it I thought it took the doctor five minutes to lay him on my chest, but Ant told me they did it right away. I only had him in my arms for a minute or so before Ant cut the cord and he was evaluated by the NICU team.

15 minutes after he was born, I delivered my placenta and then the doctor stitched me up. Even with Harry being so small I managed to get a second degree tear. A medical student assisted with my delivery and got a very hands on lesson on stitches! 

My family came to the hospital about an hour after he was born but weren't allowed to stay long since the nurses were still taking care of Harry. Just after they left he was given his first bottle and bath.

We were finally able to spend some time as a family of three around 10:30p.m. A half hour later Harry was taken to the nursery because I wasn't allowed to be alone with the baby while on the mag sulfate and Ant wanted go home to sleep. I know. I was livid that he left.

So there I was all alone in my hospital room just hours after giving birth. Not something I'd ever wish on anybody, I felt so empty. A little after 2:00a.m. I begged the nurse to bring me my baby. I had called Ant at that point and he had agreed to come back to the hospital. Since I didn't react to the mag sulfate like most patients the nurse agreed to bring Harry. We had about 20 minutes of snuggle time before Ant returned. Probably the best 20 minutes ever.

Our first picture together

Even though Ant was there, Harry wasn't allowed to spend the night with us because they needed to monitor him closely in the nursery.

So, that's basically it! The story of how Harry was born. After all these months and just a crappy list of notes I'm surprised how much I remembered!

He was transferred to the NICU the morning after he was born and immediately had to get an IV put in his arm to help regulate his blood sugars.

I wasn't allowed to see him again until 9:00p.m. that night because I was tied to the bed with a mag drip. Such a loooong, lonely day without my baby!

With Harry staying in the NICU he was not allowed to stay with us in the postpartum room, something I had a really hard time with. I knew it was for the best, but I just wanted to be like one of the "normal moms" and have him with is.

Because I was on the mag drip our insurance approved an extra night's stay at the hospital, which we gladly accepted. We were discharged on Thursday afternoon and Harry moved in with us Sunday evening, when he was six days old.

And now here we are, four months later.

4 months, 1 week and 1 day old

If you read this whole thing, thank you! I know it was long, but I wanted to write the story for myself so I can always remember it.


ETA: I found the first birth story I wrote right after I finished this one. Typical, right? It was saved in a temporary folder, weird. I didn't leave anything out in the version you just read so I'm going to leave it as is.

Kelly Clarkson Concerts

Since posting Saturday's Kelly Clarkson concert pictures I knew what I wanted to do for Flashback Friday this week, more Kelly! As I mentioned in that post I've seen Miss Independent in concert twice before.

This was from her 2005 concert in Kansas City at the Midland Theater. My sorority sister Jen and I went to the concert together. The concert was right around the time her Breakaway album came out, so she was HUGE at the time. What a fun memory, despite the photo being kinda crappy.

The second time I saw Kelly was at the 2009 B96 Summer Bash. Which for those not familiar, is a concert festival put on by a local radio station. Flo Rida, Akon, LMFAO and the Black Eyed Peas also performed at the concert, which I attended with my friend Kristle. Ant used to work for the company that owns B96 so he was able to get us free tickets. Our seats kinda sucked as you can tell, you can just barely see Kelly to the left of the Summer Bash banner. The concert was still a lot of fun though!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Is Springing

And guess who's happy about it?

Little man has loved spending some time outside the past couple days. Along with walks around the block, yesterday afternoon I took him out on the lawn around our condo building for about 10 minutes. He really enjoyed looking at all the trees we have. And look what we spotted!

The teeny tiniest little leaf buds on the bushes right outside our windows. YAY! Last year I didn't notice the leaves until the middle of April. With this winter having been so mild it's no surprise the leaves are coming in earlier.

Oh, and my doctor was actually okay with my blood pressure readings yesterday so I'm not changing my medication right now. My next appointment will be in about three months. I also had my doctor check on a little cyst I noticed last week in my mouth. She said it should go away on it's own, but if it starts to bother me they will refer me to a surgeon.

Soooo ya, nothing else major to report. Except I am excited for tonight's episode of American Idol. Someone made a boo boo and I can't wait to see the drama unfold, all in the name of Nielsen ratings.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jj + Kk

I had a really hard time coming up with something for J, which is why it's a week late.

See my entire 52 ABCs series here!

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Chicken In A Bag

Before I get to dinner, I have to share a couple pictures I took of Harry on Sunday.

I was organizing his clothes and I found the hat he was given in the hospital. Awwwwwww. All of his three month sleepers are put away now and I brought out the rest of his six month ones for him to wear. He still fits just fine in three month onesies and pants though, so strange!

Okay, on to last night's dinner. The other week I picked up a a Knorr Roasters seasoning blend to try.

Preparing the chicken was really easy. The mix is meant for five chicken breasts, but I only made two and used about three quarters of the seasoning.

That was way too much seasoning for just two breasts. Next time I'll do about half. The flavor was nice though, just a bit strong for my taste. I also used a new kind of chicken. We've always used Tyson, but last time Ant went to the store he bought Purdue individually wrapped breasts. The quality was excellent, so I think we'll be buying those from now on!

Gotta run, I've got another blood pressure check at my doctor's this morning. Since my last appointment she increased the dosage of my medicine (I went from half a pill a day to a full pill), but I don't think it's really helped. I have a feeling she'll change it up on me again, either to two pills a day or maybe an entirely different medication. We shall see!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kelly Clarkson At The Horseshoe

On to part two of our first date night sans Harry! You can see the first part of our night here.

After dinner at Tapas Valencia we headed to Hammond, Indiana. There isn't much in Hammond except the Horseshoe Casino, which is where we were going for the night. For our first anniversary Ant got us tickets to the Kelly Clarkson concert at the casino's concert venue.

We got to the concert just as the opening act, Matt Nathanson, took the stage. I didn't think I was familiar with him, but I recognized a few of his songs.

We enjoyed Matt's set while drinking a couple of beers. Not only did he sound good, but he had the whole crowd laughing a few times, too.

I was soooooo excited to see Kelly in concert. She is my favorite singer and this was my third concert of hers; I saw her in 2005 in Kansas City and 2009 in Bridgeview, Illinois (for the B96 Summer Bash). Ant was a Kelly virgin though.

At Saturday's concert she played a lot of her new stuff, which I'm not as familiar with, but she sounded great. We also got to hear most of her big hits and a couple of covers.

Here's a bunch of pix from the concert.

Such a fun show!

After the show we headed to the casino floor. We wanted to hang around a bit to avoid traffic. I'd only been to one other casino before (the Hollywood Casino in Aurora, Illinois), and it was the most depressing sight I'd ever seen. Fortunately the Horseshoe wasn't quite as depressing since a large percentage of the patrons were under 50 and not carrying around oxygen tanks.

I'd never actually played a casino game before, and wasn't really planning to. But, we found this game called Big Six and thought it looked fun. I put $5 down and lucky me, I doubled my money! I could barely contain my excitement when I cashed my chips in, the cashier must have thought I was totally off my rocker! My high rollin' husband put down $20 and walked away with $55 in chips. Not too shabby.

The dealer yelled at me right after I took this picture, so I didn't take any more in the casino. Oops! After Big Six I put $1 in the penny slots but didn't win anything.

After an hour in the casino we were ready to head home. Apparently everyone else had the same idea and it took us over a half hour to get out of the parking garage. We got back to my dad's about 1:00 a.m. and picked Harry up without incident.

All in all it was a fun evening, but I missed my baby so much! It was nice going out for once and not having to think about bottles and diaper changes, but I wouldn't be surprised if we wait another four months before we do it again.

Tapas Valencia

I feel like I'm getting sick, ugh. I woke up yesterday feeling like crap, and don't feel much better now. I've been taking Airborne to hopefully fight it off, but who knows if those things actually work. Anyways...

Saturday night Ant and I had our first night out without Harry. The last time we did that Harry was in the NICU. I was super nervous to leave Harry in someone else's care, but it was about time we did.

Around three o'clock Saturday afternoon we packed up and headed over to my dad and stepmom's house to drop off Harry. Even though we were just leaving him for a few hours, we still had to bring a ton of stuff to keep Harry on his schedule.

When we got to the g'rent's house we set everything up and explained the two page typed instructions I had written up. I know, I'm a little nuts.

I had a really hard time saying good bye, I even started crying!

After about 45 minutes Ant and I headed to Chicago for some tapas. We've eaten at quite a few tapas bars around the area and wanted to add another to our list. After doing some research we found Tapas Valencia and thought it was worth trying.

Since dinner wasn't the only thing on the agenda, we made an early reservation and were among the first parties seated for the evening. The ambience of the restaurant was not nearly as lively and fun as other tapas bars we've been to, we kind of felt like we even had to whisper. But the uptight atmosphere could just have been because we were there so early. I bet things loosen up around there as the night goes on.

As soon as we sat down we both ordered sangrias. Peach for me, and strawberry for Ant.

We both agreed my peach sangria was the better tasting drink. The restaurant has a pretty extensive menu, and we ordered six dishes to enjoy (pictured, clockwise from top left): patatas con alioli, alcachofas con crema, pato confitado, a chicken and goat cheese dish not on the online menu, patatas bravas and queso de cabra.

Everything was excellent, except for the pato confitado. Which for those that don't speak Spanish, is duck. Neither of us had ever tried duck before, so Ant decided to be adventurous and order it. The sauce was a little funky and I didn't care for the taste of the meat in general. Like I said, everything else was great, and the standout dish was definitely the chicken breast with goat cheese. So yummy!

If you like tapas, I'd recommend you give Tapas Valencia a try. FYI, Tapas Valencia is owned by the owners of Meson Sabika, a popular restaurant in Naperville.  But go for a late dinner if you can to see if the atmosphere livens up a bit.

Since this post is really long already, I'll save the second part of our date night for my next post. Look for it later this afternoon!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Liven Up Your Baby's Mobile

I really like mobiles on cribs. I think they can really complete the look of a nursery. For H-man's room I purchased the mobile that went with his nursery set. 

I usually put Harry in his crib while I make a bottle and I turn it on for him. This is his view of the mobile.

Pretty dull, right? Just a whole lotta blue. Harry seems to like looking at it and likes the music it plays (Humpty Dumpty), but I thought it might be getting kind of boring for him. So, I added a little somethin' somethin' to it.

Pin It
Ta da! Nothing fancy, but I thought a little pop of color would be exciting for Harry. I used my Cricut to cut out the star and then glued little scraps of paper to it. I just used tape to attach the star to the mobile.

If you have a "boring-to-baby" mobile you could really do any number of things to make it more appealing. If you don't have any colored paper you could even use magic markers to draw some squiggles on a piece of printer paper.

Since adding the star to his mobile, Harry has really loved looking at it. He is fascinated by colors and shapes these days!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sitting Up + New Silverware

My four month old baby sat up almost on his own this morning!

It only lasted a few seconds or so, but I was so excited! He also laughed out loud for the first time yesterday morning; it was his first real chuckle. He's given us little giggles every now and then, but this was different. It brought Ant and I to tears! Harry still hasn't rolled over yet, but he is grabbing at everything in sight. He's currently playing with a baby blanket.

This morning I was rudely awakened by our incredibly loud buzzer. It was freaking seven a.m. It was a delivery person. At SEVEN A.M.!!!!! Who does that? But, it was a pretty good package so I'll cut the guy a little slack.

New silverware! We've been needing a new set for a while, and after badgering Ant about it for what seemed like months he finally agreed. When we moved in together I just bought a cheap set from Wal-Mart. I think I paid $25 for it. The set was supposedly stainless steel but I was constantly trying to clean rust spots off it.

I originally found a set at Target that I liked but did a little research before purchasing it. I'm glad I did! Apparently 18/10 stainless steel is the most durable, and the Target set was only 18/0. After looking around online we found this Zwilling J.A. Henckles Twin set that fit our needs.

Our dishwasher sucks so I'm hoping the new set will hold up better than the old silverware. I'm planning on cleaning the dishwasher tonight to try and get it running better. I saw a couple tutorials on Pinterest, and they seem simple enough.

Brownie Time

This week's Flashback Friday is from my freshman year at Stephens College.

That's me in the middle with my two friends, Lauren and Laura... L Cubed! That looks like a refrigerator behind us, so I'm betting this was taken in one of the dorm kitchens. That year we spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking brownies.

We would always cook the brownies for five minutes less than the box called for because Lauren, Laura and our friend Jessie (who I'm guessing took this picture) liked the gooey middle part of the brownies. I always ate the edges since they were fully cooked.

It's hard to believe this picture is eight years old. Love you, ladies!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holiday Cupcakes In March?


The other day I walked over to the little grocery store a couple blocks from our house. We were out of pasta sauce and I needed some for dinner that night. I really love that we have a grocery store so close to us. There's a Walgreens right next door, too. Because I was pregnant last summer I didn't take advantage of being able to walk to the store nearly as much as I plan on this year. The grocery store doesn't have a big selection and hasn't been remodeled since like 1967, but they have the basics if we ever need something real quick.

Anyways... while I was there I saw they had their holiday Funfetti cake mix and frosting on sale for $1.50 each. I haven't baked anything in a while so I picked up the mix along with some applesauce to use in place of oil. So yummy!

Professional Grade Decor
I've been meaning to post this for a while, but here is a screen shot of Access Hollywood.

And here is the centerpiece I made for our kitchen table before we moved in together.

They have the exact same arrangements on their table! Except their vases are square and mine is round. I thought that was pretty neat.

And on an unrelated note, anyone watching American Idol? I thought last night's show was pretty solid. My three favorites were Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips (yes, Phillip Phillips) and Skylar Laine. I'm also watching The Voice but I don't have any favorites yet.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 Months Old


Harry is four months old today! I know, right? Here are his stats.

Weight: About 14 pounds
Height: Close to 26 inchees
Diaper Size: Size 2 Huggies (after trying all the different brands we have found that Huggies work best for us)
Clothing Size: He's in between three and six month clothes. Most of his three month sleepers are too small but all his three month onesies and pants still fit.
 Eating: 4-6 ounces of formula six times a day. Harry is currently drinking three different types of formula: Similac NeoSure (preemie formula), Similac Advance and Enfamil Newborn. Our transition off the NeoSure has been really smooth. We'll run out within the next week and will then switch back and forth between the Similac Advance and Enfamil Newborn. My OB's office gave me nine cans of the Enfamil, which is why we're using it. I was worried that feeding Enfamil might mess with his flora (a select group of wonderful ladies will understand that!) since the two formulas have different fat sources, but so far so good. When all our Enfamil is gone we'll switch to Similac Advance full time.

Every day I am amazed by my son. I love him to the moon and back, and then back again. I still don't know how we got so lucky with such an amazing kiddo. Everyday he is learning so much and brings both Ant and I so much joy.

He has developed a lot in the last month and is now grasping for objects. He loves playing with the hanging toys on his play mat, especially the ones that make the crinkly sound. He will also grab a toy that is either on his chest or next to him and bring it to his mouth. He loves his Sophie Giraffe toy and can hold her with both hands and chew on her neck. The other day he even held her while he napped! He also loves chewing on his Winkel.

Harry is so so so so so so so close to rolling over. Last night he tried rolling from back to tummy at least 20 times in a row. I am very surprised he's trying that way first considering he doesn't like tummy time much. When we put him on his tummy he does try to roll on to his back, but he's not as close to mastering that way yet.

I meant to write about taking Harry to another restaurant last week, but I forgot. Last Saturday we took him to Chili's with us. It was crowded and loud in the restaurant and Harry just soaked it all in. I was feeding Harry when our drinks were served and the waiter got a good chuckle after he saw me toast Harry's bottle :). Yesterday we were able to take Harry on a walk to Walgreens and he managed to stay awake the entire time, usually the vibrations on his stroller put him to sleep.

And Saturday will mark a big milestone for us, we're leaving Harry with a babysitter! I am super nervous about it, but also really excited since Ant and I are going to see Kelly Clarkson in concert. I think we're going to try a tapas place in Chicago we just found out about, too. Should be fun!

Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY Basket Divider

On Harry's changing table we have a little basket that holds his lotions, creams, combs, thermometers, etc.

It serves it's purpose well, but there's so much crap in it I sometimes have a hard time fishing out what I need. So the other day I made a divider to put in the basket.

Making the divider was super simple, the only things you need are your basket, some plastic canvas (I picked two sheets up at the craft store for just over a dollar) and scissors.

First, decide how many compartments you want. I decided six would be enough so I cut two pieces of canvas to fit the width of the basket and one to fit the length. If you want nine compartments, cut two of each.

When you have all the pieces cut, count how many squares across length wise the shorter pieces are and mark the middle with a dry erase marker. From there, count the squares across width wise and mark the middle. Do the same with the longer piece, but do it in thirds length wise.

 After marking everything, cut from mark to mark on all pieces.

When everything is cut, interlock the pieces so they look like this.

That's it!

Pin It
A super simple and inexpensive way to organize a basket. I will say, it's not the most sturdy divider. If you make a nine compartment divider it would be sturdier.
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