Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just a recap of the past few days.

Friday night we went to La Tasca in Arlington Heights for some tapas. But not before we walked around our hallway for a bit.

Our long hallway in our building is a great place to practice walking skills! We usually spend 10-15 minutes a day in the hall just letting Harry walk around. It's a great way to burn off some of that seemingly endless energy he has :).

La Tasca was Harry's first nice restaurant. I was a little annoyed that the restaurant wouldn't give us a plate of tomatoes or cucumbers for him, but the food we ordered was very good. It's no Cafe Iberico, but no place is in my opinion. Harry filled up on manchego cheese, bread and Spanish rice.

I honestly don't remember what we did on Saturday. Obviously nothing too important. After Harry went to bed we started to watch Flight. Little guy woke up during the middle of it so we have yet to finish. I liked what we saw!

Oh, I did catch this sweet moment in a photo.

Awwww. Harry loves books now.

And here are a few goofy pictures I took of my lil' baby yesterday.

We pretended like it was July yesterday and dressed in summer gear :).

P.S. I apologize if you've clicked over to my old crafty blog in the recent past. A few people pointed out that the domain name, lageorgiapaperie.com, is now an adult-themed site. Oops! I fixed the link on the right side of my blog so now if you click it I promise you'll get a site that is mine, however outdated it might be :).

P.P.S. Skinny Scoop is still voting on the Top 25 baby blogs. I would really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to vote for us! (When you click on the link you'll have to scroll down and click "see all suggestions" for TAW to pop up) Thank you so much!! :)

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