Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Ornaments

We never got around to setting up our Christmas tree this year. Oh well. We'll do one next year when Harry won't be as tempted to play with all the ornaments hanging on it. We do have a little ornament holder so last night we went to Hallmark to pick out this year's ornaments to display.

Isn't the little snow cone family adorable? A perfect set to represent our little family of three. There is of course a daughter ornament that completes the set if you're interested in these.

When I was young one of the Christmas traditions we had as a family was picking out a new ornament for the tree each year. I'm excited to be passing this tradition down to Harry. I was hoping to find him a Yo Gabba Gabba ornament, but no such luck after looking at two stores. Maybe next year.

Another tradition I hope to start next year is the silly Elf on a Shelf thing. I've gotten a kick out of seeing all the crazy things people's elves have done. Next Christmas I think Harry will be old enough to kind of get the concept. I can't wait for that!

After the Hallmark store we went to Qdoba for dinner. Harry finished half his big chicken quesadilla along with some milk. He was flirting with one of the workers so she gave him a chocolate chip cookie too, which was very sweet.

When  we got home I raided Harry's piggy bank for a couple of quarters.

We were desperate to do some laundry and were short fifty cents.

Thanks, Harry. We'll pay you back :)


Please take a moment to watch this important PSA on ending gun violence.


ETA link to PSA. I tried to embed the video, which obviously didn't work. Sorry!

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