Monday, December 24, 2012

Climbing Out of Bed

This is my son.

He might look like a baby, but I assure you, he's quickly approaching kid territory.

Yesterday morning I woke up to Ant asking me if I knew Harry awake. Confused by the question, I said no. Apparently, Ant, who had been hanging out in the living room, found Harry playing with a remote next to the couch.

I guess he learned his lesson quickly after falling out of the bed last week! We had a good laugh picturing Harry climbing out of bed and walking to the living room all by his self. I need to train myself to not sleep so soundly now, we were lucky Ant was here so he didn't hurt himself or get in to anything dangerous. If you've dealt with this before, I'd love some advice!

After the morning's excitement we braved the hoards of holiday shoppers to run a few errands. We first went to Ulta so I could pick up a jar of Bare Minerals and then made our way to Ikea. Santa asked us to help him out with getting a few of Harry's gifts :).

Last night I put together some of Harry's presents and wrapped them. Because of Ant's crazy work schedule I think we're going to let Harry open his presents today instead of tomorrow. Once he's old enough to understand Christmas we'll let him open one gift on Christmas Eve, like I did as a kid, and the rest on Christmas morning, assuming Ant's schedule isn't so all over the place.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

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