Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Typical Afternoon

Yesterday we had the first of two home visits through the Early Intervention program. The therapist played with Harry for about 45 minutes. According to her, Harry is behind in his communication skills by about 25% (I don't really know what the percentages mean or how they come up with them). To qualify for the EI program, he'd have to be behind by 30%. He'll have another evaluation within the next week or so, and if he or she feels like he is at 30%, then he might receive the benefits.

I kind of hope he does qualify for the therapy. Not because I want him to be behind, I just think it would be beneficial for him. Even just a few visits. But as I've said before, if they don't think he needs it, he doesn't need it.

After the therapist left, our afternoon was pretty typical. I think these pictures sum it up pretty well.

He just basically walks around in circles for hours on end, it's exhausting!

In the last photo he was playing with our Wii remote, it's one of his very favorite toys! He knows exactly what it does, too. The other night we were watching Netflix and after our show ended Harry got annoyed that we didn't turn on the next episode right away, so he grabbed the remote and pointed it right at the TV. No joke, he actually figured out how to turn on the show! He's done it a few times since, so it definitely wasn't a fluke. What a smartiepants!

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