Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Gift of Cotton

Last year I clued Ant in on the traditional wedding anniversary gifts. First year is paper, second year is cotton, third year is leather, and so on and so forth (you can see the list here). I didn't pester him about giving me a cotton gift this year, so I figured I'd only get my camera lens and a bouquet of flowers. Which, is more than enough for an anniversary gift.

Much to my surprise, he followed through with the traditional anniversary gift and gave me a gift of cotton.

Along with a dozen red roses (my favorite!) Ant took some fake flowers and stuffed each one with a cotton ball. For someone who isn't that creative, I was very impressed! He also got me a new cotton bathrobe. I've been wanting a new one for a while, so it worked out perfectly.

Harry even got in on the celebration and "got" me a pair of earrings. I was spoiled yesterday!

We decided to wait until Friday to go out to dinner and celebrate. I've got a couple places in mind, so I need to figure out which will be the most toddler friendly. In terms of both the atmosphere and food.

Thanks for such a wonderful day, boys! :)

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