Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cloth Diaper Stash

I've been stripping Harry's diapers this weekend so I decided to do another stash shot since it's changed a bit from last time.

Here are my previous stash posts:
#1, #2 and #3

First row (L to R): Tweedle Bugs, Bitti D'lish SIO, Bum Genius 4.0, FuzziBunz OS Elite, Blueberry OS Deluxe, Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0
Second row: Bum Genius 4.0, FuzziBunz Perfect Size, FuzziBunz Perfect Size, FuzziBunz OS Elite, Tweedle Bugs, GroVia AIO
Third row: Bum Genius 4.0, Rump-a-rooz, FuzziBunz OS Elite, Imagine pocket, Blueberry OS Deluxe, Tots Bots Easy Fit
Fourth row: Rump-a-rooz, SunBaby, Tots Bots Easy Fit, Blueberry OS Deluxe, Kawaii Minky, Blueberry OS Bamboo Deluxe
Fifth row: Blueberry OS Deluxe, Tootie Diapers, SunBaby, Tweedle Bugs

28 diapers is more than enough to cloth diaper full time, but I wouldn't mind a few more. Right now the Blueberries and Rump-a-rooz are my favorites. For overnights we use the Bum Genius 4.0s stuffed with both microfiber inserts along with a Thirsties hemp insert. Bulky, but it gets the job done. 

I'm not going to put the links this time, but if you want to know where I got a specific diaper, just ask :). Ant's got a stomach virus or food poisoning or something, so I'm trying to get this post out quick. Poor guy was feeling awful all day yesterday and doesn't seem much better today.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Typical Afternoon

Yesterday we had the first of two home visits through the Early Intervention program. The therapist played with Harry for about 45 minutes. According to her, Harry is behind in his communication skills by about 25% (I don't really know what the percentages mean or how they come up with them). To qualify for the EI program, he'd have to be behind by 30%. He'll have another evaluation within the next week or so, and if he or she feels like he is at 30%, then he might receive the benefits.

I kind of hope he does qualify for the therapy. Not because I want him to be behind, I just think it would be beneficial for him. Even just a few visits. But as I've said before, if they don't think he needs it, he doesn't need it.

After the therapist left, our afternoon was pretty typical. I think these pictures sum it up pretty well.

He just basically walks around in circles for hours on end, it's exhausting!

In the last photo he was playing with our Wii remote, it's one of his very favorite toys! He knows exactly what it does, too. The other night we were watching Netflix and after our show ended Harry got annoyed that we didn't turn on the next episode right away, so he grabbed the remote and pointed it right at the TV. No joke, he actually figured out how to turn on the show! He's done it a few times since, so it definitely wasn't a fluke. What a smartiepants!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Time to Blog

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a nice holiday. Harry has been having a tough time falling asleep as of late so I don't get much free time to play on the computer right now. Boo! It took him well over an hour to fall asleep last night, even though he could barely keep his eyes open. I'm at a loss as to how to deal with this. I guess I'm just crossing my fingers at this point that he'll revert back to an awesome sleep schedule like he used to have.

Until I have time for a more substantial blog post...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Climbing Out of Bed

This is my son.

He might look like a baby, but I assure you, he's quickly approaching kid territory.

Yesterday morning I woke up to Ant asking me if I knew Harry awake. Confused by the question, I said no. Apparently, Ant, who had been hanging out in the living room, found Harry playing with a remote next to the couch.

I guess he learned his lesson quickly after falling out of the bed last week! We had a good laugh picturing Harry climbing out of bed and walking to the living room all by his self. I need to train myself to not sleep so soundly now, we were lucky Ant was here so he didn't hurt himself or get in to anything dangerous. If you've dealt with this before, I'd love some advice!

After the morning's excitement we braved the hoards of holiday shoppers to run a few errands. We first went to Ulta so I could pick up a jar of Bare Minerals and then made our way to Ikea. Santa asked us to help him out with getting a few of Harry's gifts :).

Last night I put together some of Harry's presents and wrapped them. Because of Ant's crazy work schedule I think we're going to let Harry open his presents today instead of tomorrow. Once he's old enough to understand Christmas we'll let him open one gift on Christmas Eve, like I did as a kid, and the rest on Christmas morning, assuming Ant's schedule isn't so all over the place.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Ornaments

We never got around to setting up our Christmas tree this year. Oh well. We'll do one next year when Harry won't be as tempted to play with all the ornaments hanging on it. We do have a little ornament holder so last night we went to Hallmark to pick out this year's ornaments to display.

Isn't the little snow cone family adorable? A perfect set to represent our little family of three. There is of course a daughter ornament that completes the set if you're interested in these.

When I was young one of the Christmas traditions we had as a family was picking out a new ornament for the tree each year. I'm excited to be passing this tradition down to Harry. I was hoping to find him a Yo Gabba Gabba ornament, but no such luck after looking at two stores. Maybe next year.

Another tradition I hope to start next year is the silly Elf on a Shelf thing. I've gotten a kick out of seeing all the crazy things people's elves have done. Next Christmas I think Harry will be old enough to kind of get the concept. I can't wait for that!

After the Hallmark store we went to Qdoba for dinner. Harry finished half his big chicken quesadilla along with some milk. He was flirting with one of the workers so she gave him a chocolate chip cookie too, which was very sweet.

When  we got home I raided Harry's piggy bank for a couple of quarters.

We were desperate to do some laundry and were short fifty cents.

Thanks, Harry. We'll pay you back :)


Please take a moment to watch this important PSA on ending gun violence.


ETA link to PSA. I tried to embed the video, which obviously didn't work. Sorry!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus + Updates

Oh, hi! Long time no chat. Our internet went out Sunday morning and we weren't able to get it fixed until yesterday afternoon. Three and a half days without internet access is rough!
Saturday Harry met Santa Claus for the first time!

Santa parked his sleigh at a local bank for the morning. While the bank wasn't as glamorous as the winter wonderlands he has at shopping malls, it couldn't have been more convenient and the staff were all extremely friendly.

Harry's reaction to Santa was lukewarm. He didn't cry when Jolly Old St. Nick held him, but he did try to run away.

Luckily Dad was there to help the situation.

Here are a few other things that happened over the past few, internetless days.
  • We signed up for a gym membership. Well, Ant did. He signed up for an upgraded plan that allows him to bring a guest every time he uses the gym. It was a little cheaper doing it that way versus us both signing up for memberships. The facility has free babysitting for Harry as well. Oh, and my favorite part, a dedicated women's workout room! 
  • Harry fell off the bed. I know, awful. Part of the reason I don't like cosleeping. On the nights Ant isn't around I pad the side of the bed with pillows to prevent him from falling off. That made no difference- when I woke up to his screams I found him lying on his back on the floor at the foot of the bed. Was he awake before he fell or was he was just tossing and turning a lot that night? No clue how it happened, but I cried nearly as much as he did when I rescued him!
  • We went to another birthday party for one of Harry's friends. When we first walked in the birthday girl (who just turned one) came up and gave Harry a huge hug, sweetest thing ever!
  • Ant and I finished the movie Flight. So good! The movie is quite a bit different from how the previews made it seem, but in a really good way. And the ending is just fantastic. Not a happy ending, but satisfying none the less. 
  • Harry got his second dose of the flu shot on Monday. 
  • We met with Early Intervention on Tuesday. It was just an informational meeting and Harry will be evaluated by two social workers (or therapists, I'm not sure) to see if should be enrolled in any type of therapy. He's still not talking, but babbling a whole lot. Plus, he understands so much now, as noted in his 13 month update, so I'm not sure if he'll qualify for the program. Part of me hopes he does qualify, but if he doesn't need it, he doesn't need it.
  • Thank you everyone who voted for TAW on the Skinny Scoop Top 25 Baby Blogs list, I made it... #3! :) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo Thank You Cards

You've seen Harry's cake smash pictures. You've seen how I created them. Now see what I did with them!

Even though we didn't have a real party for Harry's birthday, he still had a few thank you cards to mail out. Usually I would hand make the cards but this was the perfect opportunity to share the cake smash photos.

The cards were easy enough to make. I created the word art squares in PhotoShop Elements and then plugged them and four cake smash photos into a 5x7 collage template I found on PicMonkey. I printed them out at Walgreens-- I had a 50% off coupon code so they cost me a dollar each.

Here's the actual image I printed out since the photo above is kind of blurry. My camera died right after so that's all I had to work with.

Since you really can't write on photos, I did include a simple handmade card with the picture.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just a recap of the past few days.

Friday night we went to La Tasca in Arlington Heights for some tapas. But not before we walked around our hallway for a bit.

Our long hallway in our building is a great place to practice walking skills! We usually spend 10-15 minutes a day in the hall just letting Harry walk around. It's a great way to burn off some of that seemingly endless energy he has :).

La Tasca was Harry's first nice restaurant. I was a little annoyed that the restaurant wouldn't give us a plate of tomatoes or cucumbers for him, but the food we ordered was very good. It's no Cafe Iberico, but no place is in my opinion. Harry filled up on manchego cheese, bread and Spanish rice.

I honestly don't remember what we did on Saturday. Obviously nothing too important. After Harry went to bed we started to watch Flight. Little guy woke up during the middle of it so we have yet to finish. I liked what we saw!

Oh, I did catch this sweet moment in a photo.

Awwww. Harry loves books now.

And here are a few goofy pictures I took of my lil' baby yesterday.

We pretended like it was July yesterday and dressed in summer gear :).

P.S. I apologize if you've clicked over to my old crafty blog in the recent past. A few people pointed out that the domain name,, is now an adult-themed site. Oops! I fixed the link on the right side of my blog so now if you click it I promise you'll get a site that is mine, however outdated it might be :).

P.P.S. Skinny Scoop is still voting on the Top 25 baby blogs. I would really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to vote for us! (When you click on the link you'll have to scroll down and click "see all suggestions" for TAW to pop up) Thank you so much!! :)

Monday, December 10, 2012


You guys know I'm a car seat safety nut, right? There are many choices we, as parents, make for our children. Disposables/cloth diapers, BLW/purees, crib/co-sleeping, breastfeeding/formula, etc. None of these decisions determine how good a parent we are. Certain things just work better for certain families. However, there is one thing that doesn't work that way. Car seats are not a choice. There's only one way to use them correctly. ONE. Unfortunately many parents don't know how to properly buckle their kids in the car.

Have you ever looked at #carseat on Instagram? It's horrifying. 

The #carseat is pretty popular, with over 22,000 pictures (the similar #carseats has about 1,300) on Instagram. I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that at least half of those pictures featuring infant/toddler car seats are being used wrong. Errr, scratch that, more like 75%. Luckily there are few lovely ladies on Instagram who try to educate parents about the importance of buckling their children correctly. Earlier this month Harry was even featured on @carseatsafety's feed!

Woohoo! Harry and I love doing what we can do to spread car seat safety.

I did a car seat safety post a few months back, but I thought I'd touch on the subject again since it is such a big problem. Going through the #carseat pictures, there are three major areas of concern.

The first being incorrect usage of the chest clip.

It's called a chest clip for a reason, people! Putting it lower on baby's belly can actually be more dangerous in a crash than not using it at all. In a crash the baby can hit the clip with enough force to cause internal bleeding at the belly. The breast bone can withstand the impact of the clip. A good rule of thumb when buckling the chest clip is to align it with baby's armpits.

The next common mistake is wearing a puffy coat while buckled in the car seat.

When a child wears a puffy coat in a car seat the straps aren't nearly as tight as they need to be to properly protect the child in a crash. Try using a fleece jacket instead or take the coat off in the car, buckle baby in and then put his or her arms through the sleeves to stay warm.

The last problem is the prevalent usage of aftermarket products.

Things like cute car seat covers, JJ Cole Bundle Mes and strap covers don't belong on your car seat! Use them with your stroller instead. All these products will void your warranty and interfere with how the seat is designed to work. Anything that isn't from your car seat manufacturer should never be used. The only exception I can think of would be the shower cap covers for infant seats. We used this one by The First Years with Harry's Graco seat and it fit perfectly. These shower cap covers don't interfere with how the car seat functions, which is why they're fine to use and recommended by CPSTs.

However, not all is lost on Instagram! There are definitely parents out there that properly buckle their children in their seats.

Yay! I wish that every baby was strapped in like this though. Please do your part to spread the word on car seat safety, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Here are a few links on car seat safety you might find helpful:

Car seat safety for infants (up to 1 year)- Safe Kids
Car seat safety for little kids (1-4 years)- Safe Kids
Car seat safety for older kids (5-9 years)- Safe Kids
Car seat safety for tweens and teens (10-14 years)- Safe Kids
AAP car seat guidelines- Healthy Children

Disclaimer: I am not a CPST, but I have done extensive research on car seat safety and how to properly use the seats. Please consult your car seat's manual for information regarding your specific model. 
I found all these images on Instagram. I do not follow any of these posters, their pictures are public for everyone to see. My intent is not to mock the parents who haven't used car seats correctly but to educate them and others on how to keep children as safe as possible. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

13 Month Update

I am going to continue Harry's monthly updates for now. At this age he still changes month to month. Although his monthly pictures will be different. I don't have any more stickers for him and the last few months it was a real struggle to keep him still long enough on his back for me to take a picture.

Weight: Around 21 pounds
Height: He was just under 32 inches at his last doctor's appointment, much taller than I thought!
Diaper Size: We're still doing a size 4 disposable diaper once a day, and cloth diapers the rest of the time.
Clothing Size: He's wearing stuff in 9, 12 and 18 month sizes.
Eating:  We have been formula-free for a couple weeks now. All is well! He eats 4 meals a day right now. He drinks a couple sippy cups of water and we give him a few ounces of milk in a sippy at bedtime (he doesn't take it to bed with him). He's also really interested in what we're eating these days. Anytime I have a snack he comes over to try and get a bite. He tried Pringles for the first time the other day, haha! I usually try to keep healthier snacks around him, like apples, which he loves.
Sleeping: He's still in our bed. I'm still not loving the co-sleeping thing. I don't sleep well with him tossing and turning next to me. But I'm getting used to it. He's also pushed his bedtime back a lot, he usually doesn't fall asleep until past 10 o'clock. And it's not an issue of over-tiredness like it was a few months ago. His schedule has just changed unfortunately. He sleeps past 9am most days, too.
Teeth: He went about three months without any new ones, but I just felt two coming in the other day. They've been giving him a hard time. He had a bit of a fever the other night and has been pretty fussy this whole week. So, he's up to eight teeth, six on top and two on the bottom.  
Communication: Just a lot of babbling still. And he still says "dada" when I ask him to say "mama." So, no changes from last month. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little worried. But, he does understand a lot. He responds correctly when I say the following (as in performing the task or finding the object):
  • Clap your hands!
  • Where's your tummy?
  •  Can I have a kiss?
  • Wave!
  • High five!
  • Can I have a hug?
  • Get your book!
  • Find your paci!
  • Where's your juice (water)? 
The tummy thing is probably the cutest thing he does, he pats his abdomen and gives the biggest smile every time. He picked it up the first time I taught him, too. I tried teaching him where his hair was the other day, but he hasn't mastered that quite yet.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Gift of Cotton

Last year I clued Ant in on the traditional wedding anniversary gifts. First year is paper, second year is cotton, third year is leather, and so on and so forth (you can see the list here). I didn't pester him about giving me a cotton gift this year, so I figured I'd only get my camera lens and a bouquet of flowers. Which, is more than enough for an anniversary gift.

Much to my surprise, he followed through with the traditional anniversary gift and gave me a gift of cotton.

Along with a dozen red roses (my favorite!) Ant took some fake flowers and stuffed each one with a cotton ball. For someone who isn't that creative, I was very impressed! He also got me a new cotton bathrobe. I've been wanting a new one for a while, so it worked out perfectly.

Harry even got in on the celebration and "got" me a pair of earrings. I was spoiled yesterday!

We decided to wait until Friday to go out to dinner and celebrate. I've got a couple places in mind, so I need to figure out which will be the most toddler friendly. In terms of both the atmosphere and food.

Thanks for such a wonderful day, boys! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Anniversary

Today is Ant's and mine second wedding anniversary! Sooooo, happy anniversary, boo!

Too bad we don't have any Dom Perignon or Deerfield's cupcakes to celebrate with this year. We don't have anything planned for the day, but both of us have fun gifts on the way (no surprises this year-- A Kindle Fire for Ant and a new camera lens for me!). Maybe we'll order some Maggiano's like we did last year, or maybe we'll go crazy and head up to the restaurant for dinner.

We took that picture on Saturday before Harry's friend's birthday party. Here are a few others.

And my favorite...

Harry's tongue hasn't grown since April apparently :).

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ants on a Log + Random Stuff

Ants on a log. Who doesn't remember this childhood snack? Harry tried it for the first time yesterday.

How nostalgic :). The logs were much too big as-is, so ants playing in wood chips is a better representation of what Harry really ate.

Raspberries, were of course, on yesterday's menu as well.


Sticking with the "Ant" theme, here's how his Movember 'stash turned out.

Not too shabby. And definitely better than these funny Movember fails.

Last night we made a quick Target run to fuel my Nivea lip balm addiction.

nivea lip balm

I used to love Burt's Bees, but since trying Nivea's lip balm over the summer I became obsessed. As you can probably tell. The stuff is amazing! After shopping we went to Panera for dinner. Harry had an entire pickle slice, a quarter of an apple, some bread and a few spoonfuls of soup. Hungry, growing boy!

When we got home Ant and I watched a double feature of The Campaign (which we lamely rented from Blockbuster) and This is 40. The Campaign was just okay, but I thought This is 40 was pretty cute! Although the daughters are just as bad at acting as they were in Knocked Up. This is 40 doesn't hit theaters for another couple weeks, but we got it in the mail yesterday (click here to see why!).

Last week we watched a screener copy of Argo, which was excellent. I'm guessing it'll be nominated for all the big awards. Highly recommend! Ant also received Perks of Being a Wallflower, which, duh, I have to watch!

Today we're going to a birthday party for one of Harry's friends, should be fun!
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