Monday, November 5, 2012

Waves, Claps and Diapers

I read on some website a while back that babies can't learn to wave and clap at the same time. You should pick whichever one you think is cuter and teach that to your baby first. I don't know how true that really is, but I decided to teach Harry to clap. I think I started back in July. He always loved when I would play If You're Happy and Patty Cake but he just never got the hang of clapping on his own. And we practiced a lot.

We would intermittently wave to him but it wasn't something I was really trying to teach him, like clapping. About two weeks ago Harry started waving, totally out of the blue. So now of course we wave to him all the time. He likes waving at Pearl a lot too, which is hysterical.

I've kept at it with the clapping, and last night he finally got it! I was rocking him just before putting him to sleep and he held his hands out, stared at them, and clapped. It was really funny, cuz he it was just like a light bulb went off in his head, haha! So yay for clapping! Hopefully I'll catch him clapping and waving on camera soon.

Last week I sold one of our Tots Bots diapers and purchased a few more things to add to Harry's cloth diaper stash.

Clockwise from left: four Thirsties hemp inserts, Bitti D'lish SIO diaper, Blueberry pocket (new Monsters print), 2 CJ's BUTTer (Cucumber Melon scent) and a Rump-a-Rooz pocket (new Preppy print). The Bitti D'lish diaper came free with the purchase. I've heard a little about the brand and am excited to try it out. The hemp inserts are for his overnight diapers. I've heard great things about the absorbency.

And on the agenda for today: deciding who to vote for! I know, it's terrible how undecided I am this time around. The past two Presidential elections I had my mind made up months before hand. I really don't love either of the candidates. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is probably who I agree with most, but I'd kind of like to vote for someone who at least has a chance at winning.

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